Tin Pan Alley

Tin Pan Alley is a street lined with record studios, where the Sex Pistols, Rolling Stones, Elton John, and David Bowie all recorded music.

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A colourful, rebellious neighbourhood oozing with countercultural vibrations.
Berwick Street
Known by all vinyl enthusiasts, Berwick Street is the spot to visit for finding vintage records and vinyls in London
The British Museum
The British Museum is the first national museum of England, that house eight million artworks and some of the world's most important archaeological finds.
Great Court of the British Museum
Admire the Great Court's magnificent glass and steel roof designed by Foster and Partners, which holds the world-famous Reading Room in the middle.
Easter Island Sculpture
Discover 'Hoa Hakananai'a' and 'Moai Hava', the two large stone Moai from Rapa Nui, held by the Museum.
Goodwin's Court
The Goodwin's Court is a hidden alley between St. Martin’s Lane and Bedfordbury, previously known as Fishers Alley and built in 1690.

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On your private tour, you will:

  • Enjoy a private walking tour of one of London's hippest parts of town;
  • Stroll through London’s Theatre District the famous West End, and enjoy the buzz and vibrant colours of Chinatown;
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  • Enjoy the huge variety of people, buskers and artists that make up Soho as you wander down famous Carnaby Street, Berwick Street and the spectacular Seven Dials;
  • Learn about the people who made Soho famous, including political figures like Karl Marx, literary figures like Charles Dickens, jazz legends like Louis Armstrong and rock stars like Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, David Bowie and so many more! 
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Soho is bursting with fascinating history, architectural curiosities and one of England’s most vibrant entertainment scenes. This colourful neighbourhood continues to be at the epicentre of British counterculture, the arts, and the LGBTQ community. 

Home to the beautiful theatres of the West End, the area is full of actors, musicians and artists of all stripes, and consequentially is a hub of gourmet restaurants and fabulous bars too. 

Walk around the colourful Chinatown with its deliciously mouth-watering aromas, and learn all about its fascinating history; get lost down the cobbled alleys around the magnificent Seven Dials; move away from the tourist traps on Oxford Circus and wander down the glittering Carnaby Street, stop in at Liberty, a famous shopping emporium, with the famous black and white Tudor architecture. 

You’ll pass several historic places, including the Dog & Duck on Bateman Street, a pub from the mid-1700s, Royalty House - formerly Miss Kelly’s theatre, and where Charles Dickens worked as a stagehand, and Quo Vadis - the building where Karl Marx’s family lived in the mid 19th century, and where Engles and Marx worked together on the Communist Manifesto! 

Admire the seamless blend of traditional old pubs, with modern clothes and music shops. Learn all about the people that made the area so special from rock stars to actors, political figures to writers. 


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