Customer FAQs

Q – What is Travel Curious?
A – Travel Curious is an online platform where you can book bespoke, private tours and experiences in the world’s great cities. All of our tours are unique and have been created to maximise your travel experience in destination. The tours are given by a wonderful network of tour guides that have been vetted by Travel Curious to ensure the highest quality service and to provide something a bit special. Most of our tours are private so they can be personalised to suit your needs and Travel Curious will always try to match you to the most suitable guide for you.
Q – How does Travel Curious work?
A – The process is very easy. Once you have found a tour or experience you like, you just need to book it and the tour will be instantly confirmed. We will follow up with your tour guide’s details and the information about the meeting points and any other logistics you should know about. We remain available for any questions all the way up to the day of the tour and we will be in touch after the tour also. We love feedback on the tours and the guides as this helps us to continuously improve our service.
Q – Are tickets included in the cost of the tour?
A – On every tour description you will be able to see what tickets are included in the tour price, or if they need to be paid as an extra on the day of the tour. This information will also be listed in your booking confirmation and if they are not included, your assigned tour guide will be aware and will assist you on the day of the tour to purchase them.
Q – Is transport included in the cost of the tour?
A – On every tour description you will be able to see what type of transportation is included in the tour price. If you have any questions regarding a specific tour, please contact our Customer Support team.
Q – I can’t see a city I want to go to on your list, what shall I do?
A – We’re rapidly expanding to new cities all the time and, we have a large guide network we work with so if you can’t find the city you want to take a tour in please contact our Customer Support Team.
Q – How do you ensure the quality of your tour guides?
A – All tour guides currently active on the platform go through a vetting process in which we carry out interviews, check previous reviews and employers references if applicable, and more importantly, we make sure they share our vision and our company values to provide an excellent experience for our travellers.
Q – What is your cancellation policy?
A – A On tours cancelled more than 48 hours before the scheduled tour start time, we are happy to offer our customers a full refund minus a 5% credit card fee and the cost of unrecoverable expenses incurred for the delivery of the tour.For tours cancelled less than 48 hours before the scheduled tour start time, we are unable to offer refunds. If you would like to reschedule a tour, this is usually possible if we are given enough notice, but we cannot guarantee the same guide. Changes made to bookings may be subject to rebooking fees to cover the cost of tickets purchased, transport, guide rescheduling and administration. To cancel or change your booking, please contact us at or UK +44 20 30092392 or US +1 212 710 1322.
Q – What languages does Travel Curious cater for?
A – A At the moment, Travel Curious is only available in English, but most of our Tour Guides speak a number of different languages. Please contact our Customer Support Team indicating what tour you are interested in and what would be your preferred language. We will reach out to our Tour Guides to confirm availability.
Q – How will I know where to meet my guide?
A – After booking your tour, you will receive a confirmation email containing all the tour details including the meeting location where your guide will come to your encounter and your tour guide’s contact number. If you have any questions about a particular tour you can always contact our Customer Support team.
Q – Is your payment system secure?
A – A Our website and payment system are absolutely secure. Our website is fully SSL certified and we use the Stripe API, which meets PCI-DSS requirements, to take all our payments.



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