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Working with our professional guides to bring you immersive cultural tours and activities during lockdown.

With the travel industry at a standstill, our guides are without income. We launched #StayCurious to sponsor them and entertain you while practicing social distancing.

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Stay Curious during lockdown

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Upcoming tours

Completed tours

Venice through the eyes of a local
Join our born and raised Venetian guide Luca, broadcasting live as he walks the streets of this magical city.
The Nai Nami Initiative
Experience Nairobi through the Eyes of a Street Child. Join us for this very special Facebook live Storytelling Tour in Nairobi's slums with social enterprise Nai Nami.
Fall in Love with Florence
Visiting Florence is like travelling through time, join TC guide Valentina to discover this magical city.
Red Square: The heart of Moscow
Join TC guide, Tanya, for a walking tour of Moscow's Red Square.
Highlights of Prague
Join TC guide, Jana, walk the streets of the Old Town toward the Charles Bridge in Prague
Archaeological Walk around Ancient Rome
Join TC guide, Elisa, for a curious walk around the valley of the Coliseum and the seven hills of Ancient Rome.
A Stroll Through London’s Chic Chelsea
Join TC guide, Emma, walking tour London’s Chelsea neighborhood.
Florence through the eyes of a Florentine
Join Claudio, the GM of J.K.Place Firenze for an exclusive tour of the hotel whilst discovering the secrets of Florence.
High on The Tuscan Hilltops: A tour of Ancient Cortona
Join TC guide, Louise, for a walking tour of the historic Cortona - an ancient town in the hilltops of Tuscany
Walking Tour of the Capitol Hill Neighborhood
Join TC guide, Aaron, for a walking tour of the historical Capitol Hill neighborhood, seat of the federal legislature.
East London: From Bangladesh to Banksy
Join TC guide, Pepe, for a historical walking tour of the street-art covered lanes of East London.
New York City
Join us for a talk with TC guide, Edward, about Hamilton's New York City during the American Revolutionary War.
The Golden Days of Paris in a Vintage Car
Join TC guides, Ferit and Romian, for a spin around historical Paris in a vintage car.
Mysteries of Venice & Venetian Carnival
Join TC guide, Luca, for a gondola ride to Murano, and visit a renown artist's glassblowing studio.
VE Day special
Join us for a talk in celebration of the 75th anniversary of VE Day.
Prague's Historic Jewish Quarter
Join TC guide, Alice, for a walking tour of Prague's fascinating Jewish history - including a rare visit inside the Old-new Synagogue.
Hidden Secrets of the Latin Quarter
Join TC guide, Ferit, for a view over Notre Dame and hidden gems in the Latin Quarter.
The City of Dreaming Spires
Join TC guide, Eric, for a walk around Oxford, England to learn about the university city's fascinating history.
Irish Whiskey Masterclass
Join Travel Curious guide, Gareth, in Dublin for an Irish whiskey masterclass.
Music History and Subversion in Berlin
Join TC guide, Sebastian, on a tour of Berlin's music and political history through the last few centuries.
A Historical View of Venice
Enjoy a talk with local Venetian guide, Luca, of the floating city's history including how the city was built on water.
Dinosaur Safari in London
Join Travel Curious guide, professor, and scientist, Aaron, on a paleontological walk of London's Crystal Palace and the discovery of fossils there.
Michelangelo and the Vatican
Join Travel Curious Guide, Georgia, for a talk on Good Friday about the history of the Vatican.
Espionage in London
Hop in a London black cab as Travel Curious guide, Mick, takes you on a tour of London’s spy history.
Live from Berlin
Join Travel Curious guide, Sarah, on a street-art tour of Berlin - where the walls are covered and the art constantly changes
Live from Dublin
Travel Curious guide, Dara, is taking us for a short, historical walking tour of Dublin. Join us on our Instagram live!
Live from NYC!
Mafia tour of Little Italy from by a retired NYPD detective

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Covid-19 Disclaimer

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that they are safe and do not jeopardize themselves nor their communities in any way.
Where they are allowed to walk on the streets alone or with family members we do
outdoor tours, and where they cannot go out, we intend on bringing stories and
tours from the safety of their homes.


Stay Curious during lockdown

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