Great Court of the British Museum

Admire the Great Court's magnificent glass and steel roof designed by Foster and Partners, which holds the world-famous Reading Room in the middle.

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Tin Pan Alley
Tin Pan Alley is a street lined with record studios, where the Sex Pistols, Rolling Stones, Elton John, and David Bowie all recorded music.
The British Museum
The British Museum is the first national museum of England, that house eight million artworks and some of the world's most important archaeological finds.
The Rosetta Stone
A stone slab found in 1799 which became key to understanding Egyptian hieroglyphs.
Easter Island Sculpture
Discover 'Hoa Hakananai'a' and 'Moai Hava', the two large stone Moai from Rapa Nui, held by the Museum.
Home of inventors, authors, artists, and hauntings, Holborn’s history is salacious.
Red Lion Square
Developed by an unscrupulous property developer, the square’s stories are hallmarks of Holborn’s history.

Related Tours

Explore the Highlights of the British Museum: Private Tour

London is renowned the world over for its spectacular museums and the British Museum has the largest and most comprehensive collection in existence dedicated to human history, art and culture. Located in the Bloomsbury area of London, the museum houses a lot of interesting artefacts which explain more than two million years of human history.

On your private highlights tour you will:

  • Explore the British Museum, the first national public museum in the world;
  • Navigate to the highlights of its millions of objects, from Vikings and samurais to Egyptian mummies;
  • See the Rosetta Stone: the key which unlocked modern understanding of ancient Egypt;
  • Visit the Easter Island statue, the Elgin Marbles, and the Lewis Chessmen, which are 12th-century, walrus ivory chess pieces from Scandinavia;
  • End at the Main Hall of the museum, where your guide will direct you to other curiosities you can explore or point you in the direction of the best places to eat in Bloomsbury.  

Your private tour of one of London’s best museums will help you navigate through the immensity of the collections to the must-see highlights, along with any curiosities which intrigue you.

The British Museum houses millions of items in over 70 galleries including some of humankind's greatest archaeological artefacts, and learn of their significance.

See relics and artistic curiosities from lost times and civilizations – from mummies, priceless armour, and ancient coins to architectural marvels. Hear of their discovery, from the adventures of old British explorers, and medieval tomb raiders to spoils of war.

You will see the Rosetta Stone, the Easter Island Moai, the Sutton Hoo, the Lewis Chessmen, and the Parthenon marbles, as well as many other remarkable objects as part of an unmissable day of discovery and mystery.

Your tour ends inside the Main Hall of the British Museum, where your guide will happily point you toward some of the museum’s more obscure artefacts or will direct you to some of the best places to eat in Bloomsbury. 



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