The Cenotaph

A national war memorial in London.

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Thames River Boat
A River Thames Boat Ride is one of the most picturesque ways to travel through London like a Londoner while enjoying amazing views of the most popular landmarks.
Downing Street
The home of some of the most important members of the British Government, including the Prime Minister himself.
Horse Guards Parade at St James's Park
An old tournament ground that now serves as an area for royal and military ceremonies.
Whitehall Place
Recognised as the centre of Her Majesty's Government and the seat of power for the United Kingdom.
Winston Churchill Statue
A bronze sculpture of the former British prime minister Winston Churchill located in Parliament Square.
Westminster Tube Station
The Westminster Tube Station is a subway station managed by the London Underground in the city of Westminster. The famous movie, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, recorded a scene at the Westminster Station.

Related Tours

Churchill War Rooms: Westminster Underground Bunkers Private Tour
Step into the world of Wartime London in the late 1930s and 1940s, where you will hear the stories of larger-than-life Winston Churchill, explore the underground bunkers that British wartime officers used during that time known as the Churchill War Rooms and learn about the resilience of Londoners during that time. 

On your private Churchill War Rooms tour, you will: 

  • Enjoy the personalised attention of a knowledgeable private guide throughout your tour;
  • See the Winston Churchill memorial and the partially bombed buildings from the blitz;
  • Stop at some of the most iconic buildings in London: Houses of ParliamentWestminster AbbeyDowning Street, The Cenotaph, the Old War OfficeMI6 headquarters and the Gurkha Soldier memorial;
  • Visit the Churchill War Rooms and travel back in time to the times of the Second World War while your tour guide gives you a private tour of these underground bunkers;
  • Explore the Cabinet Room, hidden under the streets of Westminster and hear the stories about those who worked and lived here;
  • Discover the Transatlantic Telephone Room, which connected Churchill directly to the US president and find out how they disguised this tiny room;
  • See the BBC Broadcast Room, where all speeches were televised from;
  • Visit the Map Room, used around the clock to collate information for King George VI, Churchill,  and the armed forces;
  • Walk the Churchill War Rooms' top-secret winding corridors and get a glimpse of what life would have been from 1939 to 1945.

Begin exploring the heart of London’s parliamentary district. This was the brain and nerve centre for British and Allied forces in Europe and abroad. See the Winston Churchill memorial, and learn about his adolescence, personal life and fascinating rise to government. 

Your guide will take you to see the partially destroyed buildings from the blitz and visit The Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and the Prime Minister's residence. Next visit The iconic Cenotaph war memorialspecial service headquarters and Ghurka memorial.

After your walking tour, dive into the Churchill War Rooms, an underground network of bunkers that functioned as British wartime offices, planning and map rooms. It was here that much of Allied intelligence and strategy was discussed and planned in WWII, as well as serving as a place of refuge and shelter for the government during the blitz.

As you explore the massive layer of concrete known as “The Slab”, you discover that the Churchill War Rooms actually consists of two separate museums. 

The Cabinet War Rooms, whose centrepiece is the fascinating Map Room, detail the strategic and tactical exploits of the war room as a whole. This is where Churchill held no less than 115 cabinet meetings, hammering out the details of Allied offensives across Europe. 

The Churchill Museum unpicks the life and works of the great man himself, from his early childhood to his state funeral. Particularly interesting is the large collection of passionately devoted letters he wrote to his wife Clementine, exposing the softer side of this famously tough statesman.

Your tour finishes in the War Rooms, and you are free to continue exploring at your own leisure or ask your guide for recommendations for food, including Churchill’s local pub. 

Australians in London: Private Heritage Tour in a London Taxi

Experience the rich historical ties between London and Australia on an exclusive private half-day tour, riding in style in an iconic London Taxi. Delve into the stories that connect these two lands, from convict ships to war memorials.

On your private tour, you will: 

  • See the Australia House and hear the historical significance of this iconic building which serves as Australia's diplomatic heart in London, embodying a century-old connection between the two nations;
  • Find out about the planning and execution of the First Fleet's voyage to Australia under the leadership of Captain Arthur Phillip on 13 May 1787 and the crucial role of Lord Sydney;
  • Pass by St Mary-le-Bow Church, frequented by Sir Arthur Phillip, the first Governor of Australia, and uncover the intriguing tale of the Bow Bells;
  • Discover Aldwych Theatre, the iconic venue hosting the first Australian musical, showcasing cultural exchange and artistic synergy and its key role during WWI;
  • Drive along The Cenotaph, standing as a solemn tribute to the sacrifice of Australian soldiers who fought alongside their British allies in both World Wars;
  • See the Tate Britain at the former site of Millbank Prison, which housed many convicts bound for Australia during the transportation era;
  • Stop at Caxton Hall where in 1916 the ANA held the first annual Corroboree on January 26, known as Foundation Day at that time;
  • Visit the Australian War Memorial in Hyde Park, a solemn reminder of the contributions and sacrifices made by Australians in conflicts throughout history, ensuring their legacy is honored far from home. 

Begin this adventure with a convenient pick-up from central London in an iconic London Taxi. Sit back and relax as you’re transported to your first stop, the iconic Australia House. Here, you’ll delve into the historical significance of this grand building, which has stood as a symbol of Australian heritage in the UK for over a century.

Next, visit St Mary-le-Bow Church, an important landmark where Sir Arthur Phillip, the first Governor of Australia, used to attend and learn about his voyage in 1787 with the First Fleet. Discover the tales of this journey and its role in the founding of Sydney, sponsored by Lord Sydney himself. You’ll also learn about the annual Australia Day celebrations held here, commemorating this event.

Continue your exploration at the Aldwych Theatre, where the YMCA built the Aldwych Hut in 1917, serving as a social centre for Australian soldiers during WWI. Your guide will share intriguing stories about the lives of these soldiers and the theatre’s historical significance. Your tour takes you to Whitehall, where Australian and New Zealand soldiers marched in 1916, a poignant prelude to the site where the Cenotaph now stands. Hear the moving accounts of their journey to Westminster Abbey for a solemn service followed by celebratory gatherings.

An external visit to Tate Britain reveals its surprising past as the site of Millbank Prison, from where many prisoners were transported to Australia. You’ll see a plaque commemorating this significant chapter in history and learn about the lives of those who made the arduous journey. At Caxton Hall, uncover the rich history of this venue, which hosted key events for the Suffragette Movement and, in 1916, the first annual Corroboree by the ANA on what was then known as Foundation Day.

A final stop at the Australian War Memorial offers a moment of reflection, honouring the bravery and sacrifices of Australian soldiers. Gain deeper insights of the impact of war on both nations.

Conclude your tour with a return to your hotel, enriched with the stories and landmarks that highlight the bond between London and Australia. This experience is not just a tour but a journey through time, connecting two nations through their shared history.  



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