An affluent neighbourhood whose streets are lined with exclusive shops and expensive cars.

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If you’re looking for a traditional Sunday roast, head to The Thomas Cubitt, an upmarket brasserie that really knows what it’s doing

The clue is in the name

The very name Knightsbridge tells you just the kind of luxury to expect from this district. It’s not Slough or Hackney — places names that sound more like clearing your throat. In Knightsbridge you can find one of the key retail centres of London. It is home to the flagship stores of many British and international fashion houses, including Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik, as well as two Prada stores.

Of course, it is also home to Harrods, London’s iconic department store. Every other glamorous and improbably tall person you see gliding through the streets will have one of their iconic green bags hooked over their arm. The store has 330 departments spread over seven floors, and you can find anything you want there — though it won’t come cheap. But even if you don’t buy anything, it’s worth a visit simply for the architecture and the atmosphere.

With its exorbitantly rich residents, Knightsbridge obviously holds some of London’s finest restaurants. Noura is an outstanding Lebanese deli that has been run by the Bou Antoun brothers since the ‘70s. It does some of the best Lebanese food in London, and the service is wonderful too. Afterwards, go to Rococo for chocolates from the artisan Chantal Coady — the rose flavour is something special.

Close by you can find Hyde Park Corner, where bicycle and footpaths segue into central London’s largest green space. Grab a Boris bike and explore it, and be sure to visit the excellent Serpentine Gallery. Or, weather permitting, get some Pimms and laze around on the lawns.

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