Istiklal Street

Istanbul’s ‘Independence Avenue’ is a popular promenade filled with galleries, bookstores, cafés and more.

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Make your way down a side street for some hidden bars and eateries - a little cheaper than on the main promenade.

Independence Avenue

Istiklal Street has been a lively place since the Ottoman period. Lined with beautiful 18th and 19th century buildings, it was known as Grand Avenue and served as a popular meeting place for intellectuals in the old ‘Paris of the East.’ The street was renamed after the Turkish War of Independence was won in 1923.

It makes for a busy and cosmopolitan walk, offering a variety of interesting stops along its pedestrianised 1.4 kilometres; around 3 million people visit on a single day over most weekends.

An abundance of architectural styles from Neo-Gothic to Rococo to Art Nouveau can be seen; at its southern end is Tünel, the world’s second-oldest subway station. Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox churches, mosques, synagogues, political embassies and academic institutions abound. Locals and expats alike enjoy its delicious restaurants, sophisticated cafés and delightful boutiques. Don’t miss Istiklal Street for a stroll through the historic heart of Istanbul.

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