Unlock the magic of Tokyo

Experience Japan’s unique culture in its capital; a place where tradition and hectic commercialism sit within one of the largest cities in the world.

Attractions in Tokyo

Museum displaying the personal items of the Emperor Meiji and his wife
Meiji Shrine
Large Shinto Shrine dedicated to Emperor Meiji that is very popular with Japanese worshippers
Tokyo National Museum
Complex with archaeological treasures and the largest collection of Japanese art in the world
National Museum of Western Art
Guarded by Rodin’s Gate of Hell, the gallery houses an impressive collection of non-Asian art
Ueno Park
Public park with a great selection of historic temples and museums
Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum
Fine gallery which regularly produces excellent temporary exhibitions
Yasukuni Shrine
Shrine where Japan’s war dead since the Meiji reforms are remembered
Museum dedicated to Japan’s war dead that overlooks the crimes committed by its servicemen in World War Two
Museum showing how the lifestyles of Japanese people changed during and after World War Two
Edo Castle
Ruins of a large castle that played an important role in Japanese history
East Gardens of the Imperial Palace
Garden housing the ruins of Edo Castle
Imperial Collection
Gallery displaying artwork which has been donated by members of the Imperial Family
Sumo Museum
Tells the history of Sumo and explains the sport's importance to Japanese culture
Ryogoku Kokugikan
Sumo stadium that hosts three of the national sport's six annual tournaments
Eko-in Temple
Shinto temple with an interesting array of shrines
Yakitori Alley
Atmospheric foodie heaven beneath the rumble of trains
Tsujiki Fish Market
Enormous fish market which is a great place to see the Japanese relationship with the sea
Mitsui Memorial Museum
Collection of Japanese and Asian art covering 400 years
Japan Science Museum
Large science museum with a huge array of child-friendly exhibits and activities
Akihabara Electric Town
Electronics center of Tokyo and hotbed of otaku culture
Shibuya Crossing
Neon-lit intersection outside Shibuya Station where hundreds of people scramble across every minute
Statue of Professor Ueno‘s very loyal Akita dog
Sensō-ji Shrine
Very popular and impressive Buddhist temple with a history dating back to the 7th century
Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum
Art gallery where the temporary thematic exhibitions alternate between Western and Japanese art
Kabuki-za Theater
The main theater for Kabuki in all of Japan
Tokyo Tower
Symbol of Japanese post-war recovery, it is taller than the Eiffel Tower in Paris
Diet Building
Imposing art deco building where Japanese parliamentarians debate
Tokyo Skytree
The second-tallest building in the world, shorter only than the Burj Khalifa in Dubai
Edo-Tokyo Museum
Illuminative museum tracing the history of the city
Tokyo Disneyland
Very big theme park with rides based on Disney films
National Art Center
Huge gallery offering a diverse mix of art from across Japan
Mori Art Museum
Art gallery offering a great spot to view the city from its observation desk
Idemitsu Museum of Arts
Impressive collection of Japanese art with some fine ukiyo-e paintings
National Museum of Nature and Science
Lose yourself among dinosaurs and other wonders of Japan's past


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