Japan Science Museum

Large science museum with a huge array of child-friendly exhibits and activities

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Yasukuni Shrine
Shrine where Japan’s war dead since the Meiji reforms are remembered
Museum dedicated to Japan’s war dead that overlooks the crimes committed by its servicemen in World War Two
Museum showing how the lifestyles of Japanese people changed during and after World War Two
Edo Castle
Ruins of a large castle that played an important role in Japanese history
East Gardens of the Imperial Palace
Garden housing the ruins of Edo Castle
Imperial Collection
Gallery displaying artwork which has been donated by members of the Imperial Family

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Go Kagaku!
Much of Japan’s influence on the world has affected the young, or those who were once young, whether through Pokemon or the Nintendo 64. 

  • Get your tech fill in the Akihabara Electric Town
  •  Learn about the story of Japanese science in the Science Museum
Gotta Akihabara

The modern face of Japan, in all its techy glory, is on show in the Akihabara Electric Town. One of the world’s great electronic centers, you will go around a plethora of shops offering some of the best, and esoteric, gadgets in Tokyo. With tiny establishments concentrating on their own small sub-niche to the largest electronics store in the world, it is a cornucopia for people looking to experience the best of electric Japan. In addition, it is also the centre of manga and anime fandom and has many shops devoted to each of those art forms. With a guide on hand to translate, and help, all members of the group will be able to get a feel for this very character-filledl neighbourhood. 

Hands-on Haiteku

Going with your guide to the Science Museum in historic Chiyoda district, you will see how the Japanese relationship with science has changed over the ages; and what new developments humanity can expect in the future. Designed for children, with plenty of exhibits, it has a great range of fun activities for them to do across its five floors. Each of those levels has its own theme and most of the futuristic items on show are there to be played with by little fingers.   


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