Edo Castle

Ruins of a large castle that played an important role in Japanese history

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Yasukuni Shrine
Shrine where Japan’s war dead since the Meiji reforms are remembered
Museum showing how the lifestyles of Japanese people changed during and after World War Two
East Gardens of the Imperial Palace
Garden housing the ruins of Edo Castle
Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum
Art gallery where the temporary thematic exhibitions alternate between Western and Japanese art
Japan Science Museum
Large science museum with a huge array of child-friendly exhibits and activities
Imperial Collection
Gallery displaying artwork which has been donated by members of the Imperial Family

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Chiyoda: Japan's Historic Heart
The history of Japan, especially its recent history, is closely linked with Tokyo’s political center. A hub of government since before the Meiji reforms, it holds the city’s most historic buildings, and the location of the national decision-making . Go with your private and expert guide around these sites and gain a new appreciation for Japan’s past.         

  • Visit the Yasukuni Shrine
  •  Climb the ruins of Edo Castle
  •  Go around the Yushukan and Showakan
  • Look at the art collection of former emperors in the Imperial Collection
The Problems of the Past

Japanese history – especially of the Showakan period – is riddled with controversy. This tour will not provide an answer for a rather glossier image of the period than that held by Gaikokujin. It will, however, help you better understand this view by visiting the best places to see history in action. 

Join your guide as they take you to the Yasukuni Shrine, where the fallen from wars are remembered. Your guide will  talk about its history and also explain why it remains a source of controversy to some. If you wish, you can go inside the Yushukan, a museum dedicated to the war dead that reviews the actions of the Japanese military between 1937 and 1945. Your guide will also take you to the Showakan, a museum covering how people lived during the reign of Emperor Hirohito. Covering the tribulations of the Allied bombing, and later occupation, its approximately 800 exhibits on display focus on the hardships faced by the Japanese in this period. 

Ruins and Memory

Leaving the 20th century behind, you will walk with your guide around the ruins of Edo Castle. The former base of the Tokugawa Shoguns for over 260 years, it boasts a history dating back to the 15th century. Although much has been destroyed over the years, a great deal of the original stonework has remained, including the famous Otemon Gate. Your guide will also take you through the scenic East Gardens of the Imperial Palace to the Imperial Collection, where artworks belonging to the Imperial Family are shown to the public. This includes a number of important pieces of Japanese art, especially Moko Shurai Ekotoba’s Illustrated Account of the Mongol Invasion and Kano Eitoku’s Chinese Lions.


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