National Museum of Western Art

Guarded by Rodin’s Gate of Hell, the gallery houses an impressive collection of non-Asian art

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Sensō-ji Shrine
Very popular and impressive Buddhist temple with a history dating back to the 7th century
Tokyo National Museum
Complex with archaeological treasures and the largest collection of Japanese art in the world
Ueno Park
Public park with a great selection of historic temples and museums
Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum
Fine gallery which regularly produces excellent temporary exhibitions
Akihabara Electric Town
Electronics center of Tokyo and hotbed of otaku culture
National Museum of Nature and Science
Lose yourself among dinosaurs and other wonders of Japan's past

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Art of Ueno
Tokyo has a thriving cultural scene and nowhere is this better shown than around the city’s museum district. Going around it with your private guide, you will gain a greater appreciation for Japanese culture in its own hallowed halls placed within the historic Ueno Park. 

  • Walk through the beautiful Ueno Park
  • Experience Japanese art at its most comprehensive in the Tokyo National Museum
  • Enjoy the work of Japanese and foreign art at both the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum and the National Museum of Western Art

Japan’s National Treasures

Going around the galleries of the Tokyo National Museum, you will collide with Japanese history. Holding around 110,000 pieces – many of which date back thousands of years, you will have ample time to see its finest. Spread across six different buildings, your guide can take you to each in turn in a trip geared around your tastes. The main structure, called the Honkan dates back to before the Second World War and holds artifcts from throughout Japan’s past from all its regions. Alternatively, you can choose to focus on the Toyokan – which showcases art from across Asia – or the religious art in the Heiseikan. 

Tokyo’s Own Gallery

Taking you to the distinctive red-brick Tokyo Metropolitan Art Gallery, your guide will show you the works placed in (and outside) the building. Known especially for its temporary art exhibitions, it also has “Citizen’s Art Galleries”.  These provide a space for local artists who are often unknown in the West. 

The Wonders of Gaikokujin

The impact of European travellers on Japan, and their ideas, has had an enormous impact on Japanese history and culture. This gallery displays that fascination in all of its levels of concentrated distance. Designed by the modernist architect Le Corbuiser, it houses works by a number of important artists such as Rubens ad Pollock. Your guide will also show the sculptures outside the Gallery, in particular Rodin’s Gates of Hell


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