Unlock the magic of Venice

Almost unspeakably grand, this city of islands floats boldly on a lagoon. Have a tour guide make your trip to Venice as smooth as its waterways: ride a gondola down the Grand Canal, admire bridge, piazza and palazzo, and enjoy unique Venetian seafood.

Attractions in Venice

Bridge of Sighs
According to legend, convicts would sigh as they walked this bridge before being imprisoned in the Prigioni Nuove.
Doge's Palace
Originally home to Venice’s most powerful man, this Gothic masterpiece is one of the city’s top attractions.
St Mark’s Square
Enclosed by spectacular buildings, St Mark's is one of the most beautiful squares in the world.
St Mark's Basilica
Formerly the Doge’s chapel and famous for its sumptuous design, the Church of Gold will leave you breathless.
Campo Santa Maria Formosa
A lovely neighbourhood square surrounded by narrow alleyways and Gothic buildings, barely changed since the time of Canaletto.
Rialto Bridge
Venice’s busiest and most iconic bridge, the Rialto gives visitors a wonderful view of the Grand Canal.
Scuola Grande di San Rocco
Named after the city’s protector against the devastation of plague, San Rocco is home to marvellous Tintoretto paintings.
Accademia Bridge
A beautiful wooden bridge, one of only four bridges to span the Grand Canal
Rialto Fish Market
This traditional fish market, located right by the Grand Canal, offers a wide variety of fresh fish that marvels both locals and tourists. You can find squid, spider crabs and even moeche, straight from the Venetian lagoon.
Rialto Vegetable & Fruit Market
Explore the colours and scents of fresh produce at the Rialto fruit and vegetable market that marvels both locals and tourists.
Known for its people's mastery in the art of shaping glass, this island is a top attraction of the Venetian Lagoon.
Venetian Lagoon
The Laguna Veneta is the heartbeat of the city and is best experienced in the early morning before tourists descend.
Modern Glassblowing Techniques
Uncover the 21st century artistry that goes behind glass blowing, allowing for unique and delicate designs.
Ca’ Rezzonico
This lavishly decorated palazzo houses impressive paintings, sculptures and glassware, preserving the past grandeur of Venetian patrician families.
Gallerie dell’Accademia
Located on the south Bank of the Grand Canal, the Gallerie dell'Accademia showcases a collection of masterpieces of Venetian paintings from the 15th to 18th centuries.
Grand Canal Venice
Grand Canal, Italian Canale Grande, the main waterway of Venice.
Campo Santi Giovanni e Paolo
This historic square is home to an imposing Gothic church and the Scuola Grande di San Marco, as well as an important 15th century equestrian statue.
Marco Polo's House
Believed to have been the residence of the world famous explorer and his family, the ancient Corte del Milion is a must see for adventure lovers.
St Mark’s Bell Tower
The bell tower of St Mark's Basilica, located in the Piazza San Marco
Venetian Cicchetterie
Local food taverns full of delicious food and crisp wine.
Torre dell' Orologio
The clock tower is an early Renaissance building on the north side of St. Mark's Square.
Venice city canals
Drive along the picturesque canals of this beautiful city.
This island is famous for its rainbows of brightly coloured houses, originally painted so that fishermen could see them in the fog.
Campo San Tomà
A small square in Venice, situated in San Polo.
Banksy's mural
The British street artist Banksy, left his mark on the Venice Biennale with a stencil of a migrant child wearing a lifejacket.
Bridge of Punches
Is one of the most famous bridges in Venice where, throughout the 17th century, rival clans would fight and aim to knock their opponent into the canal below.
Squerariol - Gondola Manufacturers
Watch the gondola manufactory process, a craft dating through the centuries.
Remer - gondola rows
Enjoy a demonstration of how the oars and rowlocks are designed and cut.
San Giacomo dell'Orio
San Giacomo dall'Orio is one of the oldest churches in Venice
Venetian Cicchetti
Enjoy a local food and wine
Church of San Zaccaria
This magnificent and tranquil church features wonderful paintings, including a stunning altarpiece by Bellini.
Rialto Market
A historic market where Venetians buy fresh frutti di mare from friendly fishmongers.
Ca’ d’Oro
Commissioned in 1428 by the family who gave Venice eight Doges, the 'Golden House' is now open to the public as an art gallery.
A historic shipbuilding and military naval dock of Venice.
Giardini Pubblici
A park created by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1807, built on top of torn down religious sites
San Pietro di Castello
A sleepy church on the island of San Pietro, once Venice's cathedral from 1451 to 1807
Jewish Museum of Venice
Petite museum chronicling the history of the Ghetto and its residents
Venetian Jewish Ghetto
The old Jewish Ghetto is an area where Venice's Jews lived between 1516 and 1797.
Thriving Jewish Cultural Centre
Until 1650, almost every Jewish book, like the Torah and the Talmud, were published and distributed from the Venetian Ghetto.
Five Synagogues of Venice
In Venice, the four ethnicities living in the ghetto formed five separate synagogues - The Portuguese and Spanish, the Italian, the Sephardic, and the German, along with a private synagogue.
Porta della Carta
This 15th-century gate was constructed as the entrance to the Doge's Palace.
Scala d'Oro
The Golden Staircase at the Dodge's Palace.
Doge's Palace prisons
The palace has been used from the residence of the Doge to the prison of the Venetian republic.
Scala dei Giganti
The inner courtyard's stairs that led to the doge's private quarters are flanked by huge statues of Mars and Neptune.
Peggy Guggenheim Collection
This world-class waterfront museum features the work of world famous artists including Dalí, Picasso and Magritte.
Museo Correr
This extensive collection in St Mark's Square illustrates the life and culture of the Venetian Republic, as well as displaying exquisite bronzes and paintings.
Grimani Palace
A 16th century Renaissance-style palace, housing works of art, ceiling frescoes and restored chambers.
Banco Rosso
An old bank in the Ghetto, where a famous expression comes from...
Punta della Dogana
Art museum housed in the old customs building
Cold Cuts & Cheese
Taste local cold cuts and cheese together with seasonal products of the area.
Vitruvian Man
Though quite small, this work by Galileo is one of his most famous and hangs in the Accademia Galleries.
Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari
The church known as the Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, more commonly referred to as the "Frari," can be found in the Campo dei Frari, which is in the center of the San Polo neighborhood in Venice, Italy.It is the city's largest church and is considered a minor basilica.The church is devoted to Mary's Assumption.


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