Venetian Lagoon

The Laguna Veneta is the heartbeat of the city and is best experienced in the early morning before tourists descend.

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St Mark’s Square
Enclosed by spectacular buildings, St Mark's is one of the most beautiful squares in the world.
St Mark's Basilica
Formerly the Doge’s chapel and famous for its sumptuous design, the Church of Gold will leave you breathless.
St Mark’s Bell Tower
The bell tower of St Mark's Basilica, located in the Piazza San Marco
Torre dell' Orologio
The clock tower is an early Renaissance building on the north side of St. Mark's Square.
Doge's Palace prisons
The palace has been used from the residence of the Doge to the prison of the Venetian republic.
Museo Correr
This extensive collection in St Mark's Square illustrates the life and culture of the Venetian Republic, as well as displaying exquisite bronzes and paintings.

Related Tours

Explore Murano, the Island of Glass & Colour: Private Tour by Boat

Experience the iconic archipelago of Murano, world-famous for its glassmaking, by private water taxi.

On your private tour you will:

  • Enjoy the personal attention of your private guide with pick up and drop off at the location of your choice in central Venice;
  • Travel by luxury Venetian motorboat, the most comfortable and coolest way to reach the island of Murano;
  • Learn why Murano is the centre for glassmaking in Venice and Europe;
  • Visit Murano's oldest glassmaking factory, famous for its expertise in the working of Venetian Chandeliers exhibited in acclaimed museums all over the world; 
  • See firsthand a glass-making demonstration by the Master glassblower himself or one of his trusted assistants;
  • Visit an exclusive exhibition normally closed to the public, and meet a world-acclaimed Master glassblower;
  • Travel like a local, and enjoy a luxury boat ride through the Venetian Lagoon with stunning panoramic views.

The Venetian Lagoon has many islands, each with its own character and heritage. Foremost among these is the archipelago of Murano, with its many bridges connecting the islands, which provides a respite from the touristy bustle of the historic city. Murano has been the centre of glassmaking in the region since 1291.

Your tour guide will take you via private water taxi across the stunning Venetian Lagoon to Murano. On arrival, you'll walk the colourful streets and enjoy many photo opportunities before enjoying an exclusive visit to the oldest family-run glass workshop, not usually open to the public.

Here you'll meet the master glassblower and his team who will give you a private demonstration in which you'll see how they twist the molten glass to make different shapes and items. If you are lucky, you will also see them colouring the glass. A very special part of the tour includes a private viewing of the world-famous Maestro Fabio Fornasier's exhibition, not open to the general public.

Throughout the experience, your guide will explain the history and secrets of the profession, how glassblowing shaped the fabric of Murano’s society and odd little facts such as why the glassblowers used to be immune from prosecution. 

Explore Venice Rialto Markets at Dawn: Private Walking Tour
The Rialto Markets (Mercati di Rialto) are the perfect place to discover the real heart of the city when it's just beginning to stir and to experience the true Venetian way of living. They are located in the centre of the city, by the Rialto Bridge, and they are the oldest market in Venice. 

On this private tour, you will:

  • Avoid the crowds of tourists and get a taste of local Venice with this early morning tour;
  • Walk over the Rialto Bridge, one of the most popular highlights of the city and the oldest bridge over the Gran Canal;
  • Explore the buzzing Rialto District, Venice's trading hub in the heart of the city and the oldest market area of the Venetian lagune;
  • Mingle with locals and spot the Venetian ladies expertly navigating the market stalls with their shopping trolly - they know what to buy and where for the best quality products and best prices;
  • Learn about the island of Sant'Erasmo, known as the vegetable garden of Venice, where many of the Rialto market vegetables come from;
  •  Walk around the famous Venetian fish market, held in a beautiful red brick loggia building with elegant arches, and take in the rich variety of sea produce ranging from fish to squidmolluscs and shellfish;
  • Learn the tricks to buying fish here, you can find the best selection of fresh fish early in the mornings, but the best deals happen around 12.00 pm right before the market closes!

As the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm, and on this tour, you will certainly explore the hotspots before the crowds awaken. 

Not only will you see Venetian's famous canals, squares, and landmarks, but you will also see the millenary trade centre come alive at the stroke of sunrise where Venetians of all ages come to do their shopping.

Explore the Venice Rialto markets and venture through authentic Venice to get a feeling of the true Venetian lifestyle. Watch fishermen at work as they prepare and cut Venetian squid, and observe the slicing of artichoke before they are sold at food markets. 
Be sure to ask your private guide for a local espresso recommendation for a burst of caffeine before you commence your tour! 
Becoming a Gondolier: Private Gondola Lesson in Venice Canals
Gondolas and Gondoliers are the most visible and iconic cornerstones of Venetian culture. To become a gondolier is to learn one of the country's most sought-after professions, a profession that has existed for hundreds of years. Now you too can Learn how to become a Venetian Gondolier during this unique master-class style tour! 

In your Gondola lesson, you will:

  • Enjoy the personal attention and expertise of your guide instructor;
  • Learn the basic techniques, positions, and movements used to row a gondola;
  • Get onboard a traditional Venetian "batellina" rowing boat where you’ll learn to stand up, just like a Gondolier;
  • Explore the city from an authentic perspective as you row under bridges and along the Venetian Canals;
  • Celebrate with a well-deserved apéritif following your lesson;
  • Please note that this activity is a fun rowing lesson— not a classic gondola ride.
Sure, there's something idyllic about languorously laying back in a Venetian gondola and enjoying the sights from the canals as your Gondolier does all the rowing, but have you ever considered the years of practice it takes to become a master gondolier? 

This exclusive, immersive class will show you what it takes to become a novice gondolier. You’ll gain insight into this challenging skill the locals make look easy and seamless. During your private tour, a Venetian guide will welcome you onboard a traditional gondola from the 1700s and you’ll learn the basic techniques and positions necessary to row a gondola. 

Once you feel confident, you’ll take to the canals and row your own Batellina through the maze of canals and bridges of Venice yourself, all while standing up like a professional gondolier! You don’t get much more local than that. Celebrate your first rowing lesson with a very well-deserved Venetian apéritif at the Caneva (rowing pier) to conclude your tour. 

Please note: This activity is not suitable for guests with mobility impairments.
Murano and Burano by Luxury Water Taxi: Private tour from Venice

Explore the beautiful Venetian islands of Murano and Burano, famous for their world-famous glassblowing and handmade lace-making traditions dating back to the 1500s, by luxury water taxi with a private guide.

On your private tour you will:

  • Travel in the comfort of a private Venetian motorboat and enjoy a panoramic boat ride through the magical Venetian Lagoon;
  • Visit Murano's oldest glassmaking factory, where you will meet the master glassblower and his team;
  • See first-hand a glassblowing demonstration of the world's finest blown glass;
  • Admire the exclusive glass exhibition, normally closed to the public which boasts stunning glass chandelier works by an acclaimed modern maestro;
  • Explore the colourful fishermen’s island of Burano, known for its lace-making traditions;
  • Follow a private guided tour of a historic lace workshop and witness a demonstration of this intricate craft;
  • Photograph the iconic brightly coloured buildings as you walk through the streets;
  • Savour the delicious biscuits called Bussolai, and enjoy a local special gelato that can only be found on Burano island.

Escape the hustle and bustle of St Mark’s Square as you head to the pearl of the Venetian Lagoon and enjoy a picturesque boat ride to the islands of Murano and Burano.

Celebrated as the centre of production of the world-famous Murano Glass and often described as the “small Venice”, Murano is the most well-known of the islands surrounding beautiful Venice, but your guide will show you some off-the-beaten-path places there too.

Your first stop will be a traditional glassmaking factory, where you will watch a master glassblower and other artisans make chandeliers, vases, statues and other beautiful objects. You will also have an exclusive invitation to private viewing of an exhibition by Maestro Fabio Fornasier – not usually open to the public. Fornasier’s exquisite design work with chandeliers, in particular, has made him world-famous.

Burano, famous for its colourfully painted houses and its picturesque canals, is a real pearl of the Venetian Lagoon and will leave you spellbound by its beauty. Walk along scenic canals and take wonderful photographs of the vibrant local architecture and spectacular vistas that make the island of Burano a very special place to visit.

Then enjoy a visit to a local workshop where you’ll see the intricacy involved in the delicate lace-making - which continues to be made by hand today. You’ll also be invited to taste the delicious local cookies called ‘Bussolai’ and a special flavoured gelato before travelling back to central Venice across the Lagoon. 



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