Remer - gondola rows

Enjoy a demonstration of how the oars and rowlocks are designed and cut.

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Accademia Bridge
A beautiful wooden bridge, one of only four bridges to span the Grand Canal
Ca’ Rezzonico
This lavishly decorated palazzo houses impressive paintings, sculptures and glassware, preserving the past grandeur of Venetian patrician families.
Gallerie dell’Accademia
Located on the south Bank of the Grand Canal, the Gallerie dell'Accademia showcases a collection of masterpieces of Venetian paintings from the 15th to 18th centuries.
Squerariol - Gondola Manufacturers
Watch the gondola manufactory process, a craft dating through the centuries.
Cold Cuts & Cheese
Taste local cold cuts and cheese together with seasonal products of the area.
Vitruvian Man
Though quite small, this work by Galileo is one of his most famous and hangs in the Accademia Galleries.

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Carnival Masks & Gondola's Workshops: Private Tour in Venice
Immerse yourself in the backstreet world of artisanal Venice on this three-hour tour, where you’ll learn about the making of the oldest Venetian traditional crafts - from the gondolas to the masks. 

On your private tour, you will:

  • Enjoy the personal attention of your private guide as they expertly navigate you through the city’s lesser-known alleys and backwaters;
  • Discover the oldest crafts of Venice, visit a collection of Venetian workshops, and meet the artisans;
  • Visit a gondola workshop and meet the “Squerariòl”  carpenter who specializes in the construction of wooden boats, including the gondola;
  • Chat with a ‘Remer, who makes oars, and marvel at the specialized carpentry involved;
  • Meet a “Mascarer” craftsman and watch as he demonstrates how to make a colourful Venetian Carnival mask;
  • Explore the most ancient weaving factory in Venice and learn of rich the tradition of textile craft and trade in Venice;
  • Finish the tour at the atelier of the last local woodcarver and gain a true appreciation for the intricately crafted wooden decorations found throughout Venice, such as the ceilings of the Accademia or the choir in Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari;

This quintessential Venetian experience is ideal for travellers looking to go behind the façade of the city and learn about the artisans who have made the city famous. You will meet the incredibly skilled craftspeople who have for generations made the gondolas, the masks, the costumes and all the fine things that Venice is world-renowned for. 

Enjoy a walk with your local, English-speaking private guide through the traditional districts of the city, and visit a collection of Venetian artisans' workshops located in the lesser-known back alleys of Venice. 

You’ll visit the workshops of gondola makers, mask makers, and weavers and learn about the intricacies of carving the oars and rowlocks. You’ll be treated to a demonstration of how to make a Carnival mask – and observe the colourful precision involved in each hand-made piece. The tour concludes with a visit to an ancient weaving factory and to the atelier of the last local woodcarver. You will walk away from this tour feeling enriched with a new appreciation for how Venice was forged and made famous by these talented and dedicated artists. 


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