Musicians memorials at Vienna's Central Cemetery

Visit the gravesites of famous musicians and composers like Schönberg, Brahms, Beethoven, the Strauss family, and some others surrounding Mozart's Memorial.

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Belvedere Palace
A fine baroque palace built for Prince Eugene of Savoy after his victory over the ottoman empire.
Messerschmidt 'Character Heads'
Messerschmidt created the famous series of sculptures known as 'Character Heads' between 1770 and his death in 1783.
Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller paintings
Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller (1793–1865) is considered the most important Austrian artist of the 19th century.
Gustav Klimt's paintings
His exquisite representations of women have led him to become the most celebrated painter of the female portrait of the late 19th and early 20th.
Belvedere's Baroque Style
The Belvedere is a magnificent Baroque palace that houses one of Austria's most valuable art collections.
Vienna Central Cemetery
One of the world's largest cemeteries, the Vienna Central Cemetery is where Mozart, Strauss II, Brahms, and Schubert are all buried.

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Vienna’s Catacombs & Central Cemetery Music Memorials Private Tour
Enjoy a guided tour of St Stephen’s Cathedral and its’ catacombs, followed by a driving tour of Vienna, including the Central Cemetery. On your private tour, you will:

  • Enjoy the personalized attention of your private licensed guide
  • Visit St Stephen’s Cathedral, with tickets included, and learn about its’ 370-foot steeple. See the carved wooden wing altar, the carved lace patterned canopies, and the pulpit, and the baroque main altar. 
  • Go under the cathedral to visit the catacombs, with tickets included.
  • Enjoy a private, panoramic drive through Vienna, where you will stop for pictures at several of the city’s most recognizable and famous sites, including the Wiener Musikverein concert hall, State OperaMuseum of Fine ArtsMuseum of Natural History, and the City Hall.
  • Visit the Central Cemetery of Vienna, one of the continent’s largest, and see the final resting places of several notable musicians, including Brahms, Strauss, and Beethoven. 
  • Visit the Mozart Memorial in Burggarten, one of Vienna’s quiet, green spaces in the city center. 
  • Finish your tour in Stephensplatz in Central Vienna, where your guide will happily give you recommendations for how to spend the rest of your time. 

Your tour begins at the seat of Vienna’s Archbishop, and one of Austria’s most important Gothic structures, St. Stephen's colorful roof tiles - laid to create the Royal and Imperial double-headed eagle and Vienna coat of arms - is a much-loved symbol of the city. 

Enjoy a guided tour of the cathedral, and then descend to explore its catacombs and crypts, where over 10,000 are buried, and remains in use today. See the burial place of the Austrian archbishops and bishops, as well as the crypt where the urns containing the internal organs of the former archdukes of the Habsburg Dynasty are kept. 

After, you will be picked up a private vehicle, where your guide will take you on a tour of Central Vienna, through Stephensplatz and along the Danube Canal. Then visit the Central Cemetery, where several of Vienna’s famous composers are buried. Lastly, visit the Memorial of Mozart in the Burggarten, one of the city’s many green spaces. Lastly, be sure to get expert recommendations from your guide before finishing your back in Stephensplatz. 



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