Savile Row

Home of Bespoke men's tailoring in London, where the elite come from around the world to have their suits custom fitted and designed.
Savile Row is synonymous with the highest quality bespoke tailoring. It is where Henry Poole, the designer of the modern Dinner Jacket, first opened in a store in 1831. In more recent history it was also the home to the Beatles recording studio where they wrote songs such as Let it Be, along with other hits.

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Stowers London. 13 Savile Row
Bespoke men's tailor working with the highest quality materials to create the best quality products for customers. Run by the talented and charming Ray Stowers.
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A Day in the Life: Savile Row (On Request Only)
Experience an exclusive insight of 13 Savile Row, as you meet with the mastermind behind Stowers London, and receive a VIP tour of the tailors.

  • Commence your experience at the iconic 13 Savile Row
  • Meet Ray Stowers, the mastermind behind Stowers London. 
  • Enjoy a tour of the shop and browse some of the pieces they have constructed for different members of royalty, sportsmen and rock stars
  • Experience the workshop and daily operations of Stowers, as you uncover  the different processes involved in bespoke tailoring 
  • Learn how to take measurements and then cut out a template for your perfect suit
  • Take home your very own souvenir from your experience of being a Bespoke Tailor on Savile Row

It was on Savile Row where Henry Poole, credited with inventing the modern Dinner-Jacket/Tuxedo, opened his first store. Ever since then it has become synonymous with the highest quality bespoke tailored suits, in fact the usage of the word bespoke in clothing is believed to originated from Savile Row. Nevertheless, despite its allure, this world of sophistication and suaveness has long been kept secret, only to be viewed through the shop window. This didn't sit right with us here at Travel Curious, so we have worked with tailors in order to curate you a behind-the-scenes and truly original experience of Savile Row. 

This is when we met Ray Stowers and his workshop of skilled and passionate tailors. Ray’s group typify the quality and precision that is expected from Savile Row whilst also bringing their own charm and personal approach to the row. After over 30 years in the trade, there is nothing Ray doesn’t know about bespoke tailoring and it would be his pleasure to show you the process and even teach you the tricks behind the perfect wardrobe.
Beatlemania London Magical Mystery Tour (in a tradition London black cab)
Celebrate the 50 plus years of the world's most successful rock and roll band – on your private British invasion tour, which brings to you several of the Beatles' most famed places in jolly, old London.  

Your driver guide will pick you up in a yellow submarine - and by that, we mean traditional London black cab -  at your hotel for a groovy Beatlemania Tour experience. 

Join the Lonely Hearts Club Band and see where John, Paul, George, and Ringo stayed and played while in London. 

On top of many fans 'wish-list' is the famous Studios on Abbey Road, and your party can re-create the famous Abbey Road album cover on that pedestrian crossing, where you can 'come together, right now over [this].' 

You will wake up the next morning singing that, 'yesterday - all your troubles seemed so far away' after enjoying one of the city's most popular tours.
London Calling! Rock and Roll Live Virtual Tour
Explore the streets of London that became the setting for London’s explosive 1960’s and 1970’s rock & roll revolution; and the hang-outs of British punk bands and rock superstars. 

From Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Stranglers, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Queen, The Who, The Kinks, T.Rex to the American icon Jimi Hendrix, they all left their footmark on the streets and you will get to see them on this live virtual tour.

You will see:

  • Brook Street, 
  • Heddon Street, 
  • Savile Row, 
  • Sanctum Hotel, 
  • Prince of Wales Theatre, 
  • Wardour Street, 
  • 100 Club, 
  • Berwick Street, 
  • Great Marlborough Street.


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