Natural History Museum of London

With some 80 million objects covering five collections, the Natural History Museum is a must-see attraction in Kensington.

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A central neighbourhood known for its white pillared houses, gardens, palace and fancy residents.
Royal Albert Hall
Royal Albert Hall plays host to some of the greatest symphonies, ballets, award shows, and concerts in the city.
South Kensington
Formerly known as Albertropolis, South Kensington is overflowing with museums and is a postcode known for its affluence.
The Ampersand Hotel
Located in the heart of South Kensington, the Ampersand Hotel is the perfect place for any family to make themselves at home while enjoying the best of London.
Space Race
The space race between the former USSR and the USA culminated in America landing on the moon.
Steam Engine
Travel through time to discover the evolution and revolutions in transportation.

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Kensington & The Natural History Museum Private Tour
Join this tour through the elite streets of West London, the home of billionaire emigres, financiers, and aristocracy. Learn of the life and times of Queen Victoria and her husband Albert - the world in which they lived, the beginning, course, and ending of their marriage, and influence they had on wider society.

  • Become acquainted with the prim-and-proper neighbourhoods that are home to some of the city's most expensive homes. 
  • Learn how the  neighbourhood has been transformed over the past 100 years.
  • Experience the heritage and history of the neighbourhood’s gleaming facades and celebrated museums.
  • Visit the Natural History Museum of London - recognised as one of the preeminent museums in the world, and a must-see whether it's your first or hundredth visit to London.
  • Walk to Hyde Park, for a visit to the largest of the royal parks and learn the history of its many statues and monuments.
  • Your tour ends outside the pristine gardens of Kensington Palace, where your guide will orient you toward the best sights in the park. 
Once renowned for its wild criminality, this area is now a playground for the rich, and synonymous with luxury brands such as Harrods. But unknown to many, it is a love story that truly drives the history of this area - the relationship between Queen Victoria and her Consort, Prince Albert. Join this tour to learn more about the Royal couple and the buildings they left behind them here in London’s ‘Albertopolis.’

On your private tour, you will visit the Natural History Museum, where your guide will be sure to show you the highlights of  80-million artefacts, housed in 5 different collections. Whether you're a novice on all things natural history museum or a botany expert and palaeontologist, your private guide will be able to tailor the tour to suit your interests and curiosities. After some time in the museum, walk to Hyde Park, where your guide will first show you some of the highlights before departing from you. 


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