Jagiellonian University

Founded in 1364 in Krakow, the Jagiellonian University is the oldest higher education institution in Poland and one of the oldest in all Europe.

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Main Square (Rynek Glowny)
A gigantic medieval square, Rynek Glowny is Kraków’s beating heart.
St Mary’s Basilica
A model of Brick Gothic style, this church is home to the Poland's national treasure: the gigantic wooden Altarpiece of Veit Stoss.
Cloth Hall
The beautiful Renaissance 'Sukiennice' at the centre of Main Square was the commerical hub of Kraków.
Krakow Old Town
Krakow Old Town is the historic centre of Krakow. It is one of the most visited and famous old districts in Poland today.
Collegium Maius
Jagiellonian University's oldest building features extravagant lecture halls, professors' quarters, a library, and medieval treasures including the Jagiellonian Globe.
Collegium Novum
The Neo-Gothic main building of Jagiellonian University, opened for the 500th anniversary of the University's foundation.

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The Best of Krakow: Private Walking Tour of the Old Town and Wawel Castle

Previously Poland’s capital, Krakow was one of Europe’s hubs for history and culture. On this half-day highlights tour you will dig up that history as you explore the best of Krakow, including the Old Town.

On your private tour, you will:

  • Visit Wawel Castle, which was the first UNESCO World Heritage Site in the world (tickets included);
  • Admire the richly decorated interiors of the State Rooms, the medieval residence of Polish kings;
  • See the Wawel Cathedral, Poland's national sanctuary and former coronation site (tickets included);
  • Follow the Royal Route from Wawel Hill to the Old Town;
  • Tour Krakow’s Old Town, where you will see many of its highlights, including the Church of Saints Peter and Paul;
  • Wander around Market Square, and admire the Cloth Hall, the Town Hall Tower and other medieval monuments; 
  • Visit St. Mary's Basilica with tickets included, one of the finest examples of Polish Gothic architecture;
  • Pass by the Jagiellonian University, one of the world’s oldest universities whose alumni include the polymath Nicolaus Copernicus;
  • End your tour at Planty Park, a beautiful green park that encircles the Old Town, occupying the area that used to be the city's defensive walls.

Your half-day tour is the perfect introductory tour for anyone new to the city, where you will learn about the country’s medieval history and tour its’ spectacular highlights, including a visit to the world’s first UNESCO World Heritage site. Your tour begins at one of Krakow's most renowned locations: Wawel Castle, the massive structure sits upon Wawel Hill, overlooking the Vistula River. The castle served as the royal and political centre of Krakow for centuries, dating back to the eleventh century. Before becoming a museum in 1930, the castle was also a hospital, a military barracks, and a governmental residence.

After you tour the castle, follow in the footsteps of the kings of Poland as you explore the famous Royal Route from Wawel Hill to the Old Town. Here at the Market Square, you will see some of the finest examples of medieval architecture now filled full of shops, bars, and cafes. Then your guide will take you into St Mary’s Basilica, where you’ll see one of the finest examples of Polish Gothic architecture and see the spectacularly ornate, multicolour altarpiece which dominates the front of the church. Lastly, you will walk by one of the world’s oldest universities, Jagiellonian University, and visit the idyllic park, Planty Park, which encircles all of Old Town. 



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