Setti Fatma Waterfalls

Seven waterfalls cascade down the rocky hillside near this picturesque village.

TravelCurious Tip

If you want to do all seven waterfalls, start early in the day. Non-stop, it is probably a three hour round trip — but there are so many delightful places where you will want to stop!

The Berber village of Setti Fatma is nestled in the Ourika Valley, not far from Marrakech. On the weekend young Marrakashis buzz out of the capital on their mopeds for picnics here, often at the foot of one of the seven, plunging waterfalls that surround the town. Waterfall hikes from Setti Fatma range from pleasant 20-minute strolls to rather more arduous treks.

You can follow the paths yourself or have a guide to lead the way by foot or mule. Each waterfall is found higher up the mountain and becomes more difficult to scale. It’s tremendous fun, though: heaving yourselves over boulders, hopping along dry stones to cross rivers, and scrabbling up steeper rock faces.

The best time to visit Setti Fatma is in early March when the cherry and almond trees are in full bloom, making for a wonderful sight. Alternatively, in August it hosts a four-day moussem with a fair and market at the koubba of Setti Fatma. During summer it is mad and fun in an intense way; if you want something calmer, you can try the more tranquil neighbouring valleys of Zat and Ouirgane.

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Discover Ourika Valley & High Atlas: Private Day Trip from Marrakech
Escape the heat of the city for the cool, fresh climes of the High Atlas to connect with nature in all its splendour, in the scenic lower foothills of the rugged mountains and Ourika Valley’s traditional Berber villages

On your private tour, you will: 

  • Enjoy the personal attention of your private guide, and a private vehicle all day;
  • Take a scenic drive from Marrakech to the Ourika Valley, stretching 42 miles from the gates of the city;
  • Explore the lower slopes of the High Atlas, with stunning views of the snow-capped mountains, amidst the lush verdure of walnut groves, poplars and weeping willows;
  • See layered rocks of vivid colours shaped by dramatic geological events millions of years ago – and enjoy the cooler temperatures in the foothills of these majestic mountains;
  • Explore the Ourika Valley’s almond orchards, olive groves, and wildflower meadows; a beautiful, tranquil haven with dramatic scenery for nature lovers;
  • Visit a Berber village nestled in the countryside and learn about the Berber way of life;
  • Enjoy a traditional Moroccan lunch in a local Berber family home;
  • Explore the Berber villages and learn about their trades, crafts and history;
  • Hear about the origins of the word Ourika and how the settlement was formed;
  • Learn some of the Berber language, especially the local Chleuh dialect and experience their way of life;
  • Travel up the mountain track to the small canyon village of Setti Fatma – which literally means, “the end of the road”, the starting point for longer climbing adventures in the mountains;
  • Enjoy a gentle trek to the stunning local waterfalls
  • Take a dip and enjoy a refreshing swim in the cool, crystal-clear, sparkling waterfalls. A magical experience! 
  • Enjoy a relaxing and scenic drive back to your hotel. 

The Ourika Valley is a lush expanse of terraced fields, forested hillsides, and cascading waterfalls in the foothills of the High Atlas Mountains. It is a gloriously lush and verdant natural oasis, a refreshing day trip from Marrakech and an easy distance of about an hour’s drive. 

Your Ourika Valley Full Day Excursion offers an escape from the heat of the city, to a cooler landscape in the shadow of snowcapped High Atlas peaks. The Ourika Valley stretches for 42 miles (68km) from the gates of the city, beginning at the plain of Haouz and grinding to a halt at the little village of Setti Fatma – meaning the end of the road - at 1500m altitude. The valley is a natural paradise, with vivid and bio-diverse terrain. Admire the almond orchards and olive groves, wildflower meadows and weeping willows by the flowing river of sparkling clear water, running through the valley. 

Richly endowed with waterfalls and lush green velvety carpets, you’ll delve into rocky outcrops to see prehistoric rock carvings and ancient mountain paths. You will also visit the picturesque Berber village of Setti Fatma meaning ‘the end of the road’, nestled amidst beautiful countryside, with picturesque streams and bridges. See the square mud huts, baked pink in the sun, clinging to the scrubland of the hillsides where you’ll learn about the local farmers who live and work in a centuries-old traditional way. You will be welcomed for lunch by a local Berber family and enjoy a delicious, traditional Moroccan lunch. 

After lunch, you will have the chance to climb some of the scenic paths, across rocky plateaus and rising stone trails and marvel at the landscape’s dramatic panoramic views. In the warmer months, bring your swimwear and enjoy a refreshing dip in the sparkling, crystal-clear waterfalls! Once you’ve dried off, it will be time to return to Marrakech along the scenic valley route, and back to your hotel. 


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