The Bahia Palace

Bahia, or ‘The Beautiful,’ was built in the 19th century by the very best of Morocco’s craftsmen and is the blueprint for opulent Islamic style.

TravelCurious Tip

Like several historic sites in the Medina, signposting here is minimal so take a guided tour if you want to learn more about the history of the rooms.

The Beautiful

Built initially under Grand Vizier Si Moussa in the 1860s, Bahia Palace’s embellishments were completed by Vizier Abu ‘Bou’ Ahmed, a one-time slave who housed his 24 concubines and four wives in the palace’s harem. Both in scale and in its intricate decoration, Bahia Palace is truly dazzling.

The palace comprises around 150 lavishly ornamented rooms, and two enclosed gardens or riads. Visitors enter through an arcaded courtyard to the smaller riad, which is decorated with stucco and carved cedarwood; at the heart of the palace is the large riad, alive with orange, jasmine and cypress trees filled with songbirds. The surrounding halls feature magnificent zellij (mosaic) fireplaces and painted and ceilings with exquisite marquetry. It is difficult to overstate how impressive a residence this is: the most talented artisans were at work here for 14 years.

Gilding the lily

While not all of the palace’s rooms are accessible, the spectacular harem is open to the public. The chambers of Ahmed’s favourite Lalla Zineb are the most impressive, with a ceiling painted with bouquets of roses, beautiful stained-glass windows and woven silk panels.

The palace was stripped bare on Ahmed’s death, and the French, impressed after they had visited the warlord Pasha Glaoui here in 1908, claimed it for themselves in 1911 as the residence of their Commissioner General. The rooms as seen today are absent of any furnishings and consequently rather empty, but it’s not hard to imagine the place in its heyday - and the humbling effect it would have had on visitors.

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Your full day tour of Marrakech takes an in-depth look at the city on an exploration of its major sites. Discover that although the legendary goods-ladened camels of the trans-Saharan caravans no longer roll through, Marrakech remains a seductive destination, drawing visitors from all over the world to its maze-like medina. Experience skillful bartering in the souks and marvel at the painted hues of red, orange and pink of Marrakesh’s sun-baked monochromatic walls and ramparts. Your stroll around the city takes you past the city’s photogenic doorways, leafy courtyards and mosaic-clad riads. 

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