Mount Toubkal

The highest in the Atlas, Mount Toubkal's peak rises over 4,000 metres into the sky.

TravelCurious Tip

Try and summit in time for sunrise. The ascent will be tricky in the dark, but if you’re careful it is absolutely worth it.

One among the Atlas Mountains stands above the rest: Mount Toubkal. At 4,167m it is not only the highest peak in the Atlas Mountains, but the whole of North Africa. Found just 63km to the south of Marrakech, Mount Toubkal is a challenging but deeply rewarding destination for any climber — though it can be done without any prior experience.

Trekkers usually approach the mountain from the picturesque village of Imlil, surrounded by walnut groves, apple trees and bisected by a rushing river. This is a trekkers village, with everything you need for your adventure. You can hire a guide here, as well as porters, but neither are really necessary: in good conditions it is a moderate hike and orientation is straightforward.

The route takes in floodplains, ancient settlements, riverside paths, steep scree slopes and rocky ridges. The final ascent is non-technical but moderately taxing during the summer (from May) — you only need sturdy boots and a decent windproof. Altitude sickness can be a factor, though, so do spend some time acclimatising at lower altitudes.

The view from the peak is your great reward. From here you can see the vast majority or the Atlas and Little Atlas Mountains. It is very peculiar to be the highest thing in sight.

All in all, it’s a two day hike. You can stay overnight in a refuge en route, though don’t expect any great luxury, or you can rent a tent — it can get pretty cold though.

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