A major cultural hub, Friedrichstraße is the perfect street for a leisurely day's shopping.

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Holocaust Memorial
The Holocaust Memorial is a stark, effective reminder of a dark chapter in the history of the world.
The Führerbunker is where Hitler spent his last days, cowering with his highest commanders whilst the Soviet army slowly approached Berlin.
Unter den Linden
A scenic boulevard flanked by linden trees, perfect for a cozy stroll through the Mitte district of Berlin.
A symbolic square in central Mitte, Bebelplatz is known for the infamous Nazi book burning ceremonies.
St Hedwig's Cathedral
The seat of the archbishop of Berlin, this cathedral beautifully models the Pantheon in Rome.
An aesthetically remarkable square, host to the statue of Germany's famous poet Friedrich Schiller.

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A Divided City: Cold War Berlin Tour
For over 40 years, Berlin stood divided, split in half – both politically and physically. Two Berlins existing side-by-side: one leading example of a ‘perfect’ Communist capital, the other an enclave of the West behind the Iron Curtain.

  • Come across what remains of the Berlin Wall at the moving Bernauer Strasse Memorial
  • Explore the ‘Ghost Station’ of Nordbahnhof, which was once used as espionage points by the CIA and the KGB. 
  • Visit the Friedrichstraße checkpoint – the site of bittersweet reunions and subsequent farewells during the Cold War. 
  • Take a stroll through the Karl-Marx Allee – a boulevard that was the centre of socialist activity. 
 Discover why the city became a defining symbol of the Cold War, in this fascinating half-day tour of the sites that capture its mid-twentieth century division best. Trace the line of the infamous Berlin Wall, as your knowledgeable guide weaves together Cold War history with tales of daily life from both sides of the city.


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