Versailles Gardens

These gardens are a feat to match the palace's interiors, designed by King Louis XIV's royal gardener.

TravelCurious Tip

Spend the morning in the palace, before getting lost the gardens and having a picnic for lunch.

The garden of Paris

The gardens of Versailles occupy some 800 hectares of land on the outskirts of Paris, and every inch is perfectly manicured. From the central window in the Hall of Mirrors, you can look down and see them laid out in grand perspective, dotted with parterres of flowers, sculptures and fountains.

The fountains date from the time of Louis XIV and still use much of the same complex network of hydraulics to produce their powerful jets.

No detail spared

In 1661, Louis XIV commissioned the designer and architect André Le Nôtre. In total, the works to over forty years to complete to the high standards demanded by the reigning monarch. Some other big names took part too - Jules Mansart and Charles Le Brun drew many of the outlines for the statues and built the Orangerie.

Vast amounts of effort were required. Tons of earth were moved by whole regiments of men; trees were imported from all the provinces of France; huge pieces of stone had to be quarried to sculpt the statues that adorn the fountains.

Make sure you take in the Orangerie, situated on a slope to protect the oranges in winter, and the statues from greek mythology which are the only remnants of the Grotte de Thétys.

Otherwise, you can walk for hours between parterres, fountains and bosquets - a typical formal French arrangement of trees, which requires at least five of the same species to be set out in a quincunx.

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Splendour and Tragedy

When visiting Paris, the Palace of Versailles should absolutely be at the top of your to-do list.  It is one of France’s most visited attractions and a UNESCO world heritage sight,  This fantastic tour of Versailles will introduce you to the splendour and tragedy that surrounds one of the most enigmatic, and indeed largest royal palaces in the world. Here you will witness the beautiful achievements of 18th century French art that remained symbols of absolute monarchy for more than a century.

Baroque at Its Finest 

As we explore this supreme symbol of royal power, your expert local guide will introduce you to the impressive Baroque architecture, extensive works of art, and period furniture that fills the palace. You will discover the most famous parts of the Palace, such as Versailles' Royal Chapel, the Hall of Mirrors, and the King's Grand Apartments. 

After exploring the decadent interior you will be pleased to have a chance to relax and take in the awesome beauty of Versailles Park - the grandest example of classical French landscaping anywhere in France, and indeed the world.  Strewn with many beautiful statues and colossal fountains, the park and its Grand Canal will be sure to leave you awestruck. After your guided tour, you will have the opportunity to further explore the expansive grounds at your own pace. 


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