Schönbrunn Christmas Market

The Christmas Market in front of Schönbrunn Palace enchants with its imperial backdrop and creates the perfect atmosphere as you get immersed in the festive Christmas spirit.

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Schönbrunn Palace
The summer house for the Hasburg's rulers, it has become one of the most important cultural sites in Austria.
Private State Apartments
Explore the interior of the imperial couple's private Apartments in the Palace.
Salon of Franz Karl
This Room was last occupied by Archduke Franz, the father of Emperor Franz Joseph.
Great Gallery
Marvel at the 40 meters Great Gallery which provided the ideal setting for court functions back at the time of the emperors.
Vieux-Laque Room
The Vieux Laque Room was the private study of Franz Stephan, redecorated by Empress Maria Theresa in his honor after death.
Gobelin Salon
The walls of the Gobelin Salon are decorated with 18th-century Brussels tapestries showing market and harbor scenes.

Related Tours

Private Walking Tour of Schönbrunn Palace, Gardens and Christmas Market
Step into a winter wonderland for a tour of the palatial Baroque architectural masterpiece of Schönbrunn Palace, created as an imperial hunting lodge for Crown Prince Joseph. On your private tour of Schönbrunn Palace, you will:

  • Enjoy skip-the-line tickets on the Grand Tour, which gives you access to over 40 rooms.
  • Explore the elegant State Rooms of the Imperial Monarchy 
  • Visit the private apartments of Emperor Franz Joseph and Sisi, while your guide gives you the historical context to their lives
  • See the richly gold decorated Great Gallery, and explore the apartments of Maria Theresa, the only female Habsburg ruler.
  • Explore the spectacularly manicured gardens, which continue to look majestic even in winter. 
  • Finish at the charming Christmas Market. Your local guide will help you navigate through tastings and traditions, before leaving you to explore at your own leisure. 
Your private tour starts with the best of the imperial experience including experiencing what life would have been like as a guest of Emperor Franz Joseph and his wife, Elisabeth. Your guide will take you through the best of the Rococo staterooms in the palace, and the 22 rooms the emperor’s family occupied, and see the wide variety of furnishings and styles enjoyed by the royal family. 

As you walk through the Great Gallery, your guide will show you the best of its antiquities, including the Chinese Cabinets, and the magnificent Hall of Ceremonies. Your tour continues into the part of the castle where the Hapsburgs’ only female ruler, Maria Theresa, lived in the 18th century. You’ll see the Blue Chinese Salon, the tapestry-draped Gobelin Salon, the Porcelain Room, and many others. 

After, exploring the best of the wintry gardens, your guide will take you through the traditional Christmas Market on the palace grounds, where you will be shown the best traditions, crafts, and bites to enjoy before your guide departs from you. 

Please note this tour only runs while the Schönbrunn Palace Christmas market is open, from November 20th through January 4th. 


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