Gerstner patisserie

Imperial patisserie in Vienna with Austrian pastry-making tradition.

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Sausage Stands
The Viennese sausage is so popular it has its own subculture, try it at the sausage stands around the city.
Vienna State Opera
Built in 1869, the Vienna State Opera has long stood as one of the attractions which draws in music lovers and curious visitors alike.
Haus der Musik
The Haus der Musik is an homage to sound - a literal symphony on display and is a spectacularly interactive museum.
Café Frauenhuber
Is the oldest cafe in Vienna where Mozart and Beethoven once played.
Augustinian Church
Visit the Augstinerkirche, which served as the church for the Hapsburg monarchy for 3 centuries and dates back to the 14th century.
Sacher Cake
The Viennese famous cake was invented by Franz Sacher in 1832 for Prince Metternich in Vienna.

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All-Inclusive, Private Food Tour of Vienna
Explore the best of Austria’s culinary specialities, on your private food tour, with several tastings included. On your private tour, you will:

  •  Enjoy a coffee and traditional ‘Sacher cake’ – a traditional, decadent Austrian chocolate cake, which will satisfy any sweet tooth.
  •  Taste a traditional Viennese sausage, which is ubiquitous with the city and its culinary culture. 
  •  As you walk, your guide will also point out places along the route where you can return for longer meals and how to make reservations for those coveted places.
  •  There will be other opportunities for additional tastings along the route, which you can pay locally if you wish to sample. We suggest returning to these locations on another day when you’re not already full from this tour. 
  •  Your tour finishes with tastings in the Naschmarkt, one of the best places to explore Vienna’s multicultural culinary heritage. Your guide will give you a range of options from which you can choose for your last tasting. 
  •  Please note: Traditional Viennese food is not vegetarian nor gluten-free. Please be in touch in advance if you have any dietary requirements, so we can work to make a suitable itinerary. If booking this tour within a few days of the tour, we may not be able to make any adjustments.
  • This tour is more than enough food for a large meal, so be sure to arrive hungry!

Vienna has been voted the best city in the world to live in, which is in no small part due to the atmospheric coffee houses and distinguished culinary history that thrives in the marketplaces and eateries around town. The Viennese sausage, one of your included tastings, was originally brought from Frankfurt in the 19th century and was refined to give it a distinctive local taste. Aside from sausage, Austria boasts some famous dishes, including schnitzel (tenderized fillet of meat, fried in breadcrumbs) and apple strudel (a delectable apple-based dessert).

After exploring the city a bit, your guide will take you to the Naschmarkt, which is the best place to explore the eclectic and rich food traditions which have assimilated into Viennese food. The market is a vast emporium, created in the 16th Century, and sells Austrian, Turkish, and Eastern European delicacies. Your tour will finish at the market, where you are welcome to stay and explore further at your leisure. 



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