Fess Parker Winery

One of the wineries you may visit was founded by Fess Parker, who was best known for his iconic role-playing Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone.

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Old Mission
Known as “Queen of the Missions” for its exceptional beauty, the Santa Barbara Mission was founded by the Spanish Franciscans in 1786.
Santa Barbara County
Because of the mountainous terrain and the valleys weaved throughout, the county's varied microclimates make it ideal for growing 12 different grapes across over 15,000 acres.
Santa Ynez Valley
At the heart of the Central Coast wine region, the Santa Ynez Valley has over 120 wineries and is known for its dry pinot noirs.
Olive Oil tasting Santa Ynez
Olive oil production is as synonymous with Santa Ynez as wine production. In fact, one of its towns is called 'Los Olivos'.
Enjoy visiting one of California's curiosities: the Danish town of Solvang, which feels a little like something out of a storybook.
Pinot noir tasting
Nearly 95% of the grapes produced in the valley are pinot noirs, but the grape is one of the most complex, with several clones and variations.

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