Sirens Cove

One of the Strips most notorious entertainment spectacles, featuring an epic musical pirate battle.

TravelCurious Tip

There’s a souvenir shop where you can buy a pirate outfit — it’s Vegas, so you won’t even stand out..

Goodness Gracious

Sirens Cove is one of the grandest spectacles on the Las Vegas Strip, featuring an epic pirate battle set to bombastic music. They don’t hold back on the pyrotechnics either: expect your fill of explosions and great balls of fire. Treasure Island’s over-the-top show has been an iconic Las Vegas attraction since it opened in 1993. It’s not renowned for its story or its dialogue, but its free, loud and a rip-roaring good time, Vegas-style.

The Libretto

It all begins when the sirens capture a pirate and use him to lure Blackbeard and his crew into their cove. They intended to toy with them, and possibly devour them, but get themselves a battle instead. Soon The Queen Anne’s Revenge is blasting away with its cannons and the sirens use their power over the sea to whip up a hell of a storm. The battle goes on and on — and you’ll have to see it to find out who wins.

Sunken Treasure

When the set was drained recently, the maintenance men found some rather bizarre things floating around. Diamonds, for one. Apparently it’s a fairly regular occurrence that couples get into fights during the show (having probably been married earlier that evening) and throw their rings into the water, only to come sheepishly back for them the next day. They also - unsurprisingly - have to fish out the odd drunken reveller who wants to join in. Sometimes they are sucked into the wave machine and get a little mangled, so it’s really not recommended.

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