Dallas West End Historic District

Established in 1872, the historic district is now a blend of old buildings, museums, restaurants, residential living, and plenty of shopping.

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Dealey Plaza
Though it's the gateway to the historic district, its' name is most associated with the place where JFK was assassinated in 1963.
Kennedy Memorial
Designed by Kennedy family friend, the memorial in Dallas was designed as an empty tomb, with the only inscribed words on it: John Fitzgerald Kennedy.
The Chapel of Thanksgiving
Located in Thanks-Giving Square, the Church has a twisting white spire design that points towards the heavens.
Reunion Tower
An iconic city landmark which offers the best panoramic views of the Dallas skyline!
The Sixth Floor Museum
The exhibition chronicles the life, assassination and legacy of President John F. Kennedy.
Pioneer Plaza
It's the largest public open space in the central business district which also hosts the iconic cattle statues.

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