Asheville's eclectic architecture

When many cities razed their historic buildings in the 1960's, Asheville preserved itself. Today, the electic architecture is part of the city's charm.

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South Slope Brewing District
Asheville's revitalized industrial area, South Slope, has become a beer-lover's mecca, pouring small-batch, locally brewed beers of all types.
Buy local
While this has become a rallying cry for small businesses nationwide, in Asheville, 'buy local' is not a hip-phrase, but rather the way business has always been done.
Downtown buskers
Street performers join up daily - many of whom have never played together before - contributing to the ambiance of Asheville's collaborative, friendly vibe.
Asheville's foodie scene
The shop-local attitude of Asheville spills into its' culinary scene, where farm-to-table has been a way of life, regardless of whether it's 'hip' or not.
Asheville's craft cocktail scene
Farm-to-table culture has spread from culinary delights to a vibrant craft cocktail revival. Explore herbacious flavors straight from the garden mixed with your spirit of choice.
Asheville's artists
From mountain crafts to fine art and pottery, Asheville's artists experiment and perfect their crafts, with the final products making an excellent purchase as a reminder of your time in the city.

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Private Walking Tour of Asheville
Before 'farm to table' and 'buy local' were 21st century catchphrases, they were a way of life in Asheville. The best way to uncover the city's friendly, small-town vibe is to enjoy it with a person who calls it home.  On your private walking tour of Asheville, you will:

  • Begin your tour in beautiful Downtown Asheville.
  • Explore the city's extensive shops, owned and operated by locals - from pottery and paintings to essential oils and banjos.
  • Relax in the friendly atmosphere, and enjoy live music throughout your walk - from street buskers in downtown to music spilling out of venues onto the streets. 
  • Walk historic downtown, popping in and out of some of the more than 200 locally owned shops and galleries, while also learning about the historic architecture maintained throughout the district. 
  • Learn about the Vanderbilt family, their role in the city's development and ongoing  tourism, and the best way to visit the estate to avoid the crowds.
  • Enjoy a local beer from one of the dozens of breweries in the South Slope Brewing District, where your guide will make sure you have all the local information you need to enjoy the best food and drinks for the rest of your stay. 
Seemingly everyone you will meet on your private tour will be an artist - that's because Asheville has a way of bringing out the inner-artist in everyone, including you. Whether you fancy trying  glassblowing or prefer simply to get lost in the blue hues of mountain-scapes, you will leave the city more in touch with your artistic side than when you arrived. As you wander, enjoy the eclectic architecture which captures the nature of the city: a collective of people who fought to preserve history at every turn. Your tour finishes in the South Slope Brewing District, where you can enjoy a large, local beer and get tips for the best way to spend the rest of your time in the Blue Ridge Mountains. 


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