Church of the Holy Rude

Founded in 1129, it is the second oldest building in Stirling after the castle and is named after the Holy Rood, a relic of the True Cross on which Jesus was crucified.

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The Stirling Castle
Is one of the largest and most important castles in Scotland.
Old Town Jail
Victorian prison with a tower overlooking the town.

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The Best of Stirling: Private Half-Day Tour with Stirling Castle
Explore the medieval magic of  Stirling on this three-hour walking tour of the old town and castle with an expert private guide, where you will discover the beautiful old town of Stirling and historic Stirling Castle.

On your private tour, you will:

  • Walk in the footsteps of legendary Scottish leaders: Mary Queen of Scots, William Wallace, and Robert the Bruce;
  • Hear the amazing story of Stirling as one of the most important cities and battlements in Scottish history;
  • Learn about and admire its unique topography set on a craggy outcrop of volcanic rock;
  • Hear about the nearby bloody battles of Stirling Bridge and Bannockburn where William Wallace and Robert the Bruce defeated the English and changed the course of Scottish history;
  • Learn about daily life in the medieval city - from marketplaces and labourers' jobs to public executions and graverobbers;
  • Absorb the history on every cobbled street corner; 
  • Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of bustling modern life - Stirling is a university city with a wonderful cafe culture, arts scene and more; 
  • Walk up to the magnificently imposing Stirling Castle and discover its many secrets, nooks, and crannies with your guide;
  • Wander through the courtyards, and castle gardens, and admire the outstanding views of the surrounding Scottish landscape from the castle ramparts;
  • Step back in time to the castle of King James V, and the childhood home of Mary Queen of Scots;
  • Discover the Great Hall - restored to its 16th-century splendour and learn about Scottish royalty;
  • Hear about the many intrigues that occurred here;
  • See the famous Stirling Heads - rescued from a collapsed ceiling in 1777;
  • Visit the Royal Apartments - and learn about Stirling Castle's central place in the history of Scotland. 

With its beautiful medieval architecture and the magnificently imposing castle built onto a vast, craggy hill overlooking the surrounding area of the Scottish lowlands and highlands, Stirling played a central role in the Wars for Scottish Independence from 1296 – 1346. Stirling was the key to Scotland and changed hands several times

Wander through the medieval old town, learning about daily life in those times, as well as enjoying the very modern vibrancy of this university city. 

Then head up to the castle (your entrance tickets are included) to explore this stronghold of Scottish royal history. The castle, built into a towering volcanic rock is an imposing fortress. It overlooks two famous battlegrounds where William Wallace led the Scots to victory at the Battle of Stirling Bridge, as well as Bannockburn, where Robert the Bruce was victorious in 1314. You'll also be able to see the Wallace Monument.  

Step back in time as you explore the Great Hall and Royal Apartments - restored to their Renaissance splendour, and immerse yourself in the lives and intrigues of the kings and queens of Scotland. 

Uncover the Dark Side of Stirling: Private 2- hour Walking Tour
Originally created as a sold-out Halloween special event, explore the darker side of Stirling's past on this fascinating and often spine-chilling tour of the medieval city's nooks and crannies, outside the castle, and cemetery. 

On your private tour, you will: 

  • Explore the medieval streets of Stirling - the city that became known as the key battleground of Scotland;
  • Discover the darker history of the city from unsolved murders, to graverobbers and ghosts;
  • Wander down spooky alleyways, past the jail, and through the graveyard to uncover ghostly and ghastly secrets of the past;
  • Hear about the infamous witch trials of Stirling;
  • Learn about the killer plague known as the black Death that swept through the city; 
  • Walk through the gothic and atmospheric Holy Rude Cemetery and hear about the graverobbers of Stirling;
  • Find out about the Stirling not written about in the history books on this fascinating tour of its secret, darker history!

Stirling is an epic medieval city overlooked by its famously imposing castle, built onto a towering volcanic cliff. Stirling was known as the "key to Scotland" during the Wars for Scottish Independence and is famous for the decisive Scottish victories at Stirling Bridge and Bannockburn - led by the legendary heroic leaders, William Wallace and Robert the Bruce. But this tour explores the darker side of Stirling! On this tour, you'll hear spooky tales of the graverobbers in the gothic Hude Cemetery, as well as eerie stories of the Plague; you'll learn about the grim conditions in the jail - as well as its many ghost stories. You'll hear all about the witch trials in Scotland - and what happened right here in Stirling, as well as the haunted history of the castle

Graverobbers, ghosts, witches, and unsolved murders - this tour has it all!  

Welcome to Stirling: Private 2-hour Tour with a Wee Gin Tasting
Explore the beautiful city of Stirling with its charming medieval streets, overlooked by the magnificently craggy castle, with an expert local private guide followed by a premium gin tasting in Stirling Distillery

On your private tour, you will:

  • Meet your expert local guide for an hour's guided walking tour of historic Stirling
  • Discover the fascinating history of Stirling as a royal stronghold and the "key" to Scotland
  • Walk in the footsteps of legendary Scottish leaders like Mary Queen of Scots, William Wallace and Robert the Bruce;
  • Hear of the epic battles that were fought and won against the English at the Battles of Stirling Bridge and Bannockburn;
  • Learn about daily life in the medieval marketplace, as well as the darker side of life with public executions - and the famous Stirling graverobbers
  • Soak up the vibrant atmosphere of the modern city too - Stirling is a famous university city today; 
  • Enjoy a bespoke gin tasting at the Stirling Distillery, a family-run place with handcrafted gin;
  • Relax and enjoy 3 gins in a flight, including the classic G&T, a premium gin liqueur and a pink gin;
  • Take a whisky flight if you prefer - with three full drams of Scottish whiskies instead.

This is a wonderful way to explore the iconic Scottish city of Stirling. Famous for being a medieval stronghold - the "key" to Scotland during the Scottish Wars of Independence from the English, it was also the Renaissance home of the Scottish royals in the 16th century.

Enjoy Stirling's gothic architecture and rugged castle, and surrounding views of the breathtaking Scottish countryside. Learn about the many famous Scottish heroes that have made their mark on Stirling - from Robert the Bruce and William Wallace to the ill-fated Mary Queen of Scots. Learn about medieval life in the marketplace and the darker stories of the Stirling graverobbers! 

End your tour with a relaxing and enjoyable premium gin tasting at Stirling's only, family-run gin distillery! Please note you can choose a flight of whisky if you prefer. 



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