St Paul's Cathedral

The seat of the Bishop of London and the mother church of the Diocese of London.

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Museum of London
A great museum dedicated to the history and evolution of London.
St Bartholomew's Hospital
St Bartholomew's, often known simply as Bart's, is the oldest hospital in all of Europe.
St Paul's From Millennium Bridge
cathedral, people on bridge
Tate Modern’s Materials and Objects
See how artists have influenced the design of everyday objects, including labels of beer bottles and cans.
Tate Modern Terrace Bar
In 2017, the Tate handed over their taps to independent craft brewers, embracing the idea that art extends beyond visual mediums.
Southwark Bridge
The Southwark Bridge connects The City of London with Southwark. At the time it was built, it further integrated the warehouses and industry south of the river with The City's financial district.

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Great Fire of London Private Tour
The Great Fire of London, September 1666, was one of the capital's most historically significant events. Leaving destruction and despair in its wake, the fire also led to the modernisation of housing and infrastructure, forcing large attitudinal changes towards safety and poverty.

  • Learn about a momentous moment in London's history – the effects of which are clearly visible today.
  • Trace the path of the fire, from Pudding Lane to St Paul's Cathedral.
  • See other key Great Fire sites like Monument and piece together pictures and archive material.
  • Get personalised suggestions for post-tour reading, documentaries to watch and other interesting sights to visit.
  • Focus on what interests you: from history, architecture and sightseeing to fire engines.
  • Visit a medieval tavern, frequented by Dickens, that survived the fire.
In the early hours of September 2nd, 1666, a small fire broke out at a bakery on Pudding Lane. The conditions were optimal for disaster – the timber houses were situated in extremely close proximity to one other, one witness reporting that you could wake up in the morning, open the window and shake hands with your neighbour. The city had also been plagued by drought for about 6 months, meaning that the timber was particularly dry. The fire escalated rapidly, burning down around 13,000 homes and 87 churches over the course of four days and severely damaged St Paul’s Cathedral. What happened and how did the fire wreak so much havoc?

On this private walking tour, you will learn about how the fire began and how it spread.  Debate some of the key issues surrounding the topic with your expert guide. If not for Baker Thomas Farriner’s carelessness with a few dying embers, would London have remained a medieval city? Or was this a tragedy waiting to happen? Did the fire paradoxically cause more good than bad, or do we underestimate the scale of the fire’s damage? What about the people who lost their homes?

You and your guide will trace the key sites of the Great Fire with a walk around the City of London: from Pudding Lane, Monument and old local churches to alleyways and pre-1666 taverns. See how the area has been transformed, what remains and explore some archive materials to build up an accurate picture of events and London at that time. 

Bring history to life with visits to key places of interest and learn about the fascinating and often unbelievable stories around the fire. 
A Day in the Life - The Magic Circle (on request only)
There are few things more captivating in this world than the wondrous idea of magic. From Harry Houdini to Harry Potter, this sparkling world of mystery and marvel are a constant delight. 

In the humble streets of London two worlds of magic collide. One that is forged in the imagination of JK Rowling and another that is the ancient craft of illusion. This experience will give you an immersive experience of both! The first part will be a  tour of the London landmarks immortalised by Harry Potter. An enigmatic guide will share their passion for Harry Potter with you and have to dreaming of Quidditch and Butterbeer again. 

Following that your guide will take you into their world of magic - where you will have an unprecedented immersion into the mystery all around you. You will see tricks and illusions crafted before your eyes and learn how magic is taught and crafted outside of Hogwarts. This is sure to be enthralling time with a real master of their craft. 

Why Join Travel Curious on an Original Experience?
Join us on an Original Experience will take you beyond sightseeing tours or visiting museums. Showing you something far more precious, the people behind London’s unique culture. We guarantee that after your time with a world-class magician you will have a deeper understanding of magic in the real world and an unforgettable experience of London.
Welcome to Historic London - Private Tour including entrance tickets
·        See the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey
·        Go on a short cruise down the river past the London Eye, Somerset House and the edgy South Bank 
·        Gaze up at the dome in St Paul’s Cathedral 
·        Appreciate the splendour of Guildhall above the arena where gladiators fought

The English, and British, capital has a great deal to offer travellers seeking its past. Stretching back nearly two millennia, the city has come far from its roots as a Roman provincial outpost. Going with an expert, and private, guide through its historic heart, you will experience the journey to global city in the company of its most important buildings.

The World of Westminster

While it can be hard to believe, the area now known as Westminster was once apart from the Saxon City. This changed over time, helped greatly by the construction of Westminster Abbey and the growth of the area into the political centre of first England, then the United Kingdom. Going through the area with your guide, you will see the Houses of Parliament as well as other sights which – though perhaps less well-known – have still played their part in British history. Go past Downing Street, where people could walk up to the front door only 30 years ago, and St Margaret’s Church where Sir Winston Churchill led parliamentarians to give thanks after the defeat of Germany in 1945. 

The Old City

East of Westminster is where the Romans and Saxons built their respective cities: Londinium and Ludenwic. Approaching it by boat, where you will go past sights including the London Eye, the bohemian South Bank and Somerset House. This past helped the area become a global financial centre, and your guide will be happy to talk about how this happened as you take a trip up the historic Fleet Street to St Paul’s Cathedral. Built over the site of a predecessor that burnt down during the Great Fire of London in 1666, Wren’s domed masterpiece is an architectural masterpiece which has become a symbol of the city. Although the legacy of the London blitz means many of the buildings are modern, there remain some beautiful reminders of how the city looked before it was bombed; not least of which is Guildhall. With a past going back more than 800 years, the building is now home to the City of London Corporation. Even older are the ruins below the building, and your guide will take you into its depths to see the remains of the Roman amphitheatre.


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