Marylebone High Street

A stylish shopping street in the heart of Marylebone village.

TravelCurious Tip

The Golden Eagle is a stone’s throw from the magnificent Wallace Collection. Probably best to do the Wallace Collection first!

Lying between Selfridges department store and Regent’s Park, Marylebone (pronounced mar-le-bone) is an affluent, elegant residential district. Its streets are lined by white terraced Georgian and Edwardian houses and make for excellent strolls, regardless of the season. Marylebone was mentioned in the Domesday book in 1086 and in some ways stills feels like a village today, despite being smack in the heart of London.

Marylebone High Street has been voted best high street in London the BBC Radio 4’s listeners, and they are a very discerning bunch. It’s not a place for hipsters, but rather one that combines high class London style with a homely village feel. It’s never packed with crowds and it still has some brilliant little independent shops.

Check out Daunt Books, which is a store that specialises in travel books. Its setting alone more than warrants a visit, with its creaking oak galleries and luminous skylights.

La Fromagerie is a local favourite. You will have to stomach three trials. First, the cheese room, one of the best in London. Second, the produce store, where you can find things from just about anywhere in Europe. And, lastly, the in-store café that serves hot drinks, deli snacks, cakes — you name it. You are advised to go hungry.

Just off the bottom of the high street keep your eyes peeled for a blaze of scarlet and gold — that will be the Golden Eagle pub. This is a traditional English pub, always loud with chatter and the clinks of glasses — and sometimes with the music of the resident pianist, Tony “Fingers” Pearson too.

Nearby Attractions

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The Wallace Collection
Home to one of Europe's finest collections of art, furniture and armour. Housed in a palace.
Harley Street
A historical, world renowned destination for private medical care.
Baker Street
An street famous for its connection to the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes.
Daunt Books Marylebone
Daunt Books from James Daunt is an Edwardian bookshop in Marylebone High St, London. The store specializes in history, travel, and literature.
Royal Academy of Music
Royal Academy of Music founded by John Faine in 1822, is considered the oldest conservatoire in the UK. The Academy continues to train and develop musicians.
Regent's Park
One of the Royal Parks of London, designed by John Nash.

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