Jubilee Park

Opened more than twenty years ago as an urban park, it's located on top of the Canary Wharf tube station.

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An infamous East End neighbourhood synonymous with Jack The Ripper.
West India Dock
The West India Docks were once the largest dock in the world as the majority of the trade undertaken by the British Empire was handled through here.
Canary Wharf
Canary Wharf is nowadays the financial centre of London, but once docks for the trade of the vast British Empire which expanded across one-fifth of the world at one point in time.
Crossrail Place Roof Garden
Crossrail Place Roof Garden it’s a beautiful little spot, where funky geometric windows offer great views back over Canary Wharf
Mudchute Park and Farm
Located in East London on the Ise of Dogs, the 30+ acre park includes farm animals and horses and is used for educational and communal purposes.
Royal London Hospital
Dr Openshaw, one of the surgeons at the London Hospital, played an important part in helping to investigate Jack the Ripper’s crimes.

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The History of the Royal Docks: Canary Wharf & Greenwich Private Tour
Explore London’s fascinating and often dramatic maritime history on this private tour of the Royal Docks on the Isle of Dogs, the financial centre at Canary Wharf, the amazing urban farm at Mudchute, and finally a walk along a hidden footpath under the Thames to the Royal Borough of Greenwich, to see the famous Cutty Sark, the magnificent Royal Naval College, and fabulous views along the Thames. 

On your private tour you will: 

  • Enjoy a private walking tour through London’s Docklands, Canary Wharf, and Mudchute Farm on the Isle of Dogs;
  • Learn about the long and complex history and trade on the docks from the Romans, to the Normans, the Elizabethan age, and the massive growth in the Victorian era; 
  • Hear how the Thames was often jam-packed with ships and their sails of all sizes; 
  • Learn that the docks were designed to facilitate ease of delivery, and prevent too much pilfering!; 
  • Hear about the bombing of the docks during the Second World War;
  • Take in gorgeous views at Crossrail Place Roof Garden, used as a performance space; 
  • Enjoy a brief visit inside the Museum of London Docklands;
  • Walk around Canary Wharf, now London’s impressive glass and concrete financial centre;
  • Explore Mudchute, one of the largest urban farms in the whole of Europe, used during WW2;
  • Walk along the hidden Greenwich Foot Tunnel beneath the River Thames;
  • Arrive at the charming Royal Borough of Greenwich famous for its links with London's maritime trade and the Royal Navy;
  • Admire the famous 19th-century tea clipper, the Cutty Sark; 
  • Enjoy a Walking tour of Greenwich, with its beautiful architecture of the Royal Naval College, designed by Christopher Wren
  • End your tour at a traditional pub on the river, with spectacular views of the Isle of Dogs, the Tower of London and the Shard.
Learn all about London's exciting maritime history - its global shipping trade, its famous naval captains and sea-dog adventurers and privateers, from Sir Francis Drake and Sir Walter Raleigh to Horatio Nelson. Learn all about the chequered history of the East India Company - founded in 1600 and whose piers were the first to be built. 

As you walk around the docklands and royal Greenwich, imagine the Thames filled with vast ships and sails, and the slow traffic of barges, boats, galleons, warships, and faster moving schooners and tea clippers - one of which you'll see: The Cutty Sark in Greenwich. 

The London Docklands cover 9 square miles of riverfront along the Thames, including the Isle of Dogs and the historic naval and royal borough of Greenwich, which you’ll explore on this tour. They have been in use for centuries as the hub of Britain’s global trade until most of them were destroyed during WW2. 

The West India Docks were three docks, built to import and export goods, and occasionally passengers, from and to the British West Indies. From massive warehouses, today the area of Canary Wharf has been redeveloped into the financial centre of London, famous for its glass and concrete buildings. It is dominated by the 45-story skyscraper, One Canada Square. 

Just south of here, you will visit Mudchute Park and Farm, the largest urban farm in Europe. It is a fascinating Nature Reserve where you’ll learn all about biodiversity and also the ‘dig for Britain’ campaign of WW2. 

Afterwards, head under the Thames on the footpath connecting the Isle of Dogs to Greenwich: a quaint and architecturally beautiful borough of London with deep connections to its maritime past. Greenwich is home to the magnificent Royal Naval College, which has been used for many filming locations, including Les Miserables, Poldark, and Bridgerton

End at a quaint pub on the river and enjoy fabulous views across the water of Canary Wharf, Tower Bridge, and the Shard. 



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