Brick Lane

Brick Lane is famous for its rich Bangladeshi heritage, and recent hip regeneration.

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Housed in a beautiful old building, this market is an eclectic mix of shopping stands and restaurants.
London's urban playground and artistic hub.
Beigel Bake
Iconic 24-hour bakery known for traditional Jewish-style filled bagels such as salt beef and smoked salmon.
The Boiler House Food Hall
Housed in The Old Truman Brewery’s 1830 Boiler House, are over thirty stalls of international culinary delights.
Banglatown Curry Houses
London's iconic strip of South Asian emporiums and restaurants
Sampling Studio, Old Truman Brewey
Fashion studio set up by Eddie Gavriilidis in the heart of Brick Lane, the Old Truman Brewery. Commissioned on pieces for Lady Gaga among other, they have gained a reputation for high-end fashion.

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The East End Tour: Brick Lane, Shoreditch and Spitalfields
London’s East End is a district of many faces. Traditionally associated with the industrial working class, the home to dockers and factory workers, the East End has long been the place where London meets with the consequences of modernity. 

  • Amble towards ethnically vibrant Brick Lane, welcome to London's Banglatown.
  • Trace centuries of Jewish and Asian migration through clues and distinct architecture.
  • Comb the uber-trendy Old Spitalfields Market, a mecca for artisan products.
  • Follow in the footsteps of Jack The Ripper and visit the scene of his murders. 
  • Next, tour the most electrifying pieces of street art across the neighbourhood.
  • Finish by bisecting colourful Shoreditch, London's urban playground and artistic hub.
From the rapid urbanisation and slums of the Victorian era, to the great waves of working-class immigration in the 20th century, to the turmoil of radical political struggle, through to the more recent transformations of deindustrialisation, financialisation, and digital transformation, the East End has been marked like no other part of London. 

Where once factories belched out smoke, and impoverished manual labourers struggled for their daily diet, the East End now thrives as the undisputed epicentre of London’s art, fashion, and entrepreneurship. From the startup hubs leading the digital economy to the art galleries, pubs and restaurants of a vibrant social world, this truly is a remarkable part of the world’s most international city. In this melting pot of diversity - famed for waves of Huguenot, Irish, and Jewish immigration - we now see the huge influence of Bangladeshi migrants, whose cuisine defines and enlivens the world-renowned Brick Lane. 
An Ultimate Fashion Experience (on request only)
Your Experience
London is internationally recognised as one of the world’s four fashion capitals, along with Paris, Milan and New York. However it was not always this way and unlike Paris or Milan, London does not have a long history of world-class fashion. Eddie, one of the people you would meet on this experience, says this is because London’s style does not come from the established fashion houses like Gucci or Louis Vuitton. Instead, the fashionable cutting edge comes from the independent designers in the backstreets of London. However, as a visitor to London, it is often hard to gain access to this side of fashion and people are only able to see London fashion through a shop window. Here at Touriocity, we want to change this, which is why we have teamed up with people from all across the fashion industry to bring you a truly immersive and exclusive view of the London fashion industry. You will have the chance to meet people from every stage of the fashion industry - a model, a fashion designer and a photographer - who will each give you their unique view on fashion and also tell you about where it is heading in the future. Working with all three of them in a creative and dynamic team you will be able to stage your own mini-shoot working with Eddie’s garments and modelled by your model/guide. Going one step further Jose will also pass you the camera to take a couple photos for yourself, to help you experience how images are constructed. By the end of day, you will know more about how fashion works and the creative figures behind the process, we hope that this will give you a new respect and ignite your love of fashion, something that you can carry with you for the rest of your time in London and beyond.

Your Day with Us
  • Meet a professional model for a coffee in the fashionable Spitafields Market; they will be your guide for the day into the World of fashion. They will discuss how they view fashion and also about the plan for the day.
  • Take a stroll around the different shops, from vintage stores to high-end boutiques, and learn about the history of fashion and London’s unique style.
  • Arrive at a bespoke fashion designer’s studio and meet Eddie who has worked with fashion labels such as Alexander McQueen and Tom Ford. Hear about how he sees the fashions industry, the mania and excitement of fashion shows and see the latest pieces he is working on. There will even be a chance to use the model to try on some of the pieces that Eddie has made and discuss how the items work.
  • During your discussion with Eddie you will be joined by Jose, a professional fashion photographer with years of experience in the industry.  He will work with you, Eddie and the model to see, as a photographer, how he would bring the best out of the piece. 
  • Jose will take you and the model around the local area to find good spots to take photos and allow you to have a go and capturing the image yourself. This is sure to get your creative mind working and also show you the specific skills required to create a fashion image.
  • Return the pieces back to Eddie and bid farewell to his team at the workshop. Then join Jose and your guide back to another local coffee shop to recap the day. If you have the time, Jose will quickly show go through your shots and his, as well as demonstrating how editing can transform an image into a piece of art.
  • Say your goodbyes to your guide and Jose, who will no doubt email you your images as a memento to remember your fashion experience, and continue your day of exploring in the heart of London’s alternative fashion district.
Why Join Us On An Original Experience
Joining Travel Curious on an Original Experience will take you beyond sightseeing. Showing you something far more precious, the people behind London’s special culture. We guarantee that after this experience you will have a deeper understanding of the process behind the fashion industry and a unique and unforgettable experience of London culture. This experience has also been greatly received by people in the fashion industry, who are enthusiastic to show the public how fashion really works.
Who is your guide?
Here are Travel Curious we only work with top professionals who are both experts in their field and intriguing individuals who have lots of stories to share. That is why we are delighted to be teaming up with people from all over the fashion industry. Your model will be sourced by Anna, who runs her own modelling agency which prides itself on working with models who are more than just a pretty face. You will also meet Eddie Gavriilidis who has worked with the likes of Tom Ford and Alexander MeQueen as well as receiving a nomination for the Global Fashion Awards in New York. The final person you will meet is the insatiably passionate Jose who has worked with some of London’s top fashion institutions including the world renowned Harrods in Knightbridge.
A Day in the Life: Chocolate Aficionados (on request only)
Your Experience
Few things infatuate human beings more than the luxurious feeling of chocolate melting in our mouths. When many people think of this delight, they think of Continental Europe, for example, Switzerland, Belgium or maybe Italy. However,  we have been working with London’s own Dark Sugar who see things a little bit differently. This Brick Lane chocolate shop reminds us that 70% of the world’s cocoa comes from West Africa. Embracing this, Nyanga, the mastermind behind Dark Sugars, worked tirelessly for a decade to bring the prized Ghanaian cocoa beans to London. 
After taking Borough Market by storm, they have now opened a number of stores in London. Now, Nyanga and her group want to share their passion for chocolate with you! Dark Sugars have curated an original experience into the world of chocolate. You will have a chance to sample their award-winning chocolate as well as gaining a unique insight into how they are made and even getting a chance to help create some chocolate yourself with their high-quality ingredients. By the end of the day you will have had a unique experience delving into the world of chocolate and furthermore a great time with the team at Dark Sugars, rated as London’s Coolest Chocolate Shop. If you need anymore convincing feel free to look up their famous hot chocolate, regarded as one of the best in London!
Your Day with Us
·     Arrive at Dark Sugars, London’s Coolest Chocolate Shop. Meet one of their team of chocolate aficionados who will be your guide for the day.
·     Receive a master-class in all things Chocolate by chatting to an expert about their range of fantastic products they have, what makes their chocolate so unique and the importance of maintaining the cocoa flavour in their products. Also have a chance to discuss what aspects you like about chocolate and I am sure your guide will have some top-quality advice.
·     After learning about the world of chocolate it is time to get hands on. Come downstairs to their onsite kitchen and see how the chocolates are made and have a chance to get involved in the process.
·     After being truly immersed into the world of chocolate and having plenty of tasting along the way it will now be time to wrap up your experience. But before you leave, be sure to ask them for the best places in the local area to carry on your delicious day. 
Why Join us on an Original Experience?
Joining  an Original Experience will take you beyond sightseeing tours or visiting museums. Showing you something far more precious, the people behind London’s unique culture. We guarantee that after your time with Dark Sugars you will have a deeper understanding of London’s Chocolate Market and an unforgettable experience of London.
Who is your guide?
 We only work with top professionals who are both experts in their field and intriguing individuals who have lots of stories to share. That is why we are delighted to be working with Dark Sugars. Principled and enthusiastic, we are certain they will provide you with a day full of wonder and laughter, as well as plenty of chocolates to nibble on! That is why it is a promise from us  that for those of you interested in chocolate, this original experience with Dark Sugars will be an unforgettable and unique highlight of your visit to London. Beyond this, Dark Sugars and us hope it will change your mindset about how you see chocolate and its' West African roots.

Private Street Art Tour of East London
East London is recognised worldwide for its iconic street art, with talented artists such as Banksy, Camille Walala, Mr Cenz, and Roa bringing their art to the streets of Shoreditch. 

  • Experience the constantly changing landscape of East London’s dynamic street art.
  • Learn about the history of the area and the rise of artistic scenes.
  • Uncover the differences between street art and graffiti.
  • Discover the diversity of Shoreditch’s creative scene.
  • Wander through one of the most culturally vibrant neighbourhoods: from the best gourmet coffee to vintage clothing and local curry houses.
Street Art Mecca

London is one of the creative capitals of the world, where you can find art not only in galleries and museums, but spilling out into the streets. Exposed to the onslaught of urban life, London’s street art is beautifully ephemeral and transforming constantly. For every fresh new work that appears, a masterpiece from yesterday may be gone. There’s no better way for you to discover this dynamic, on-the-pulse scene than by taking a guided tour through East London, the street art mecca of the city.  

Urban Canvas

With your expert local guide, you will explore the ever-changing walls of the Shoreditch area – where shipping containers become shopping malls and train carriages are transformed into artist studios. Not only the favourite haunt of hipsters, who you may notice cruising past on their fixie bikes, Shoreditch is also a veritable treasure-trove of street art. From scrawled tags to stunning murals, stencilled stick men to giant intricate animals, during your tour you will discover the extent of the creativity poured into these masterpieces. Sometimes political, often humorous, and always wonderfully imaginative, your time on this art tour will transform the way you view scribbles along walls in every city. 

Cultural Heritage

Whilst you learn about this artistic subculture, you will also be wandering through one of the most culturally vibrant areas of London. As you go off the beaten track, you will hear the history of Spitalfields and Brick Lane, immersing yourself in a world of vibrant street art and local character. 


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