The Dean Bridge

Located at the heart of historic Dean Village, the bridge has come to be as much a picture spot as a transport link.

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Edinburgh Castle
For nearly 1000 years Edinburgh Castle has shaped Scottish history as both a royal residence and a military stronghold.
Scottish National Gallery
The Scottish National Gallery is home to the country's spectacular collection of fine art.
Charlotte Square
This prestigious square is the architectural jewel of the New Town.
Wee dram of Scottish whisky
Beware of any Scotsperson who invites you out for a 'wee dram', as no local has ever actually limited themselves to a 'wee dram.'
Dean Village
Located below Edinburgh Castle to the northwest, Dean Village is a quaint neighborhood with picturesque landscapes and idyllic pubs.
Dirty Dick's
Over the last century, Dirty Dick's has become an establishment of myth. Enjoy its candlelit ambiance and traditional amber ales.

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Private Walking Tour with an Edinburgh Local
Travel isn’t just about travel, it’s people, faces, food and cultures, fresh perspectives, discoveries and different ways of life - it’s about uncovering the city’s soul. It’s about connection. On your private, guided tour of Edinburgh with a local you will:

  • Enjoy meaningful insights from an Edinburgh local - including cheeky tales and and colloquialisms that only fellow Scots will understand!
  • Wander one of the city's most quaint neighbourhoods, Dean Village, with your private local guide 
  • Hear how locals describe Edinburgh- the experiences that have shaped their worldview from Brexit to their own independence movement. 
  • Pick up invaluable recommendations, advice, and tips for the best pub fare and whiskies in town and reassurance as you explore highlights and off-the-beaten-track side streets.
  • Turn off the main drag and enjoy a wee dram (of whisky) or a coffee in your local guide’s favorite haunt. Alternatively, the city is known for its' botanical gins, so lighten things up with a G&T.
Learn first-hand what locals love about Edinburgh from someone who knows the place inside-out.
Despite centuries of bloody wars and battles, Edinburgh developed as a prosperous commercial city, trading wool, cattle and leather goods. Today Edinburgh’s mill-workers and tanneries have given way to besuited bankers, artists and some of the UK’s most beautiful boutique hotels. Called Auld Reekie by Scots, the unique character of the city has been immortalised in countless songs and prose. Edinburgh’s modern-day authors, including JK Rowling, Alexander McCall Smith, Irvine Welsh, and Ian Rankin helped secure its place at the forefront of European culture when UNESCO awarded the Scottish capital with the first City of Literature Award in 2004.  For visitors strolling Edinburgh is a joy, especially Dean Village, where handsome medieval buildings, cobblestone streets, spire-topped churches and historic Edinburgh Castle are backdropped by Pentland Hills.

Enjoying a private, guided tour with an Edinburgh local will help you discover the sights that tourists so often miss on its windy streets and punishing hills. From fairies to unicorns, hear the intriguing backstories and fantastical stories which bring Scotland to life. There is no substitute for spending an afternoon with a true Scot, who will not only help you swerve the tartan-splashed tourist traps and overpriced wool-ware, but who will show you the best places to pick up authentic mementos and one-of-a-kind whiskies. Your tour is immersive - bringing meaningful and like-minded interesting people together that would never meet if you stuck to the main tourist drag. Experience the humour, subtle nuances, social conventions and psyche of a place over a beer or coffee, and then jot down your guide’s real version of “the must-do Edinburgh.” 

Please note: due to COVID-19, pubs may be closed. Your guide will endeavour to find a place to have a drink, but given the extraordinary circumstances, this may not be possible. 


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