Magna Carta

Salisbury Cathedral houses one of the original surviving Magna Carta documents. Written in 1215 the Magna Carta is seen as an ancient charter of liberties and democracy and has helped to shape the constitutions of many countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia.

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Parade Gardens
Situated in a few acres of land, the Parade Gardens are a spectacular place to pass sunny afternoons, gazing at the views of Pulteney Bridge.
Old Sarum
Old Sarum is one of the most important sites in the history of southern England, and for 150 years was a major centre of both secular and ecclesiastical government. It combines a royal castle and a cathedral within an Iron Age fortification.
Durrington Walls
Located in the Stonehenge World Heritage Site in England, the Durrington Walls is the site of a large Neolithic settlement and later henge enclosure. It's made of sarsen, a kind of sandstone, the same as the largest stones in the Stonehenge stone circle.
Probably built about 2500 BC, Woodhenge is an atmospheric Neolithic site originally believed to be the remains of a burial mound. It consists of six concentric oval rings of postholes, the outermost being about 43 by 40 metres (141 by 131 ft) wide.
Avebury is a village in Wiltshire, in southwest England, home to museums, a manor house and a World Heritage neolithic site.
Salisbury Plain
Salisbury Plain is a chalk plateau in the southwestern part of England, famous for its rich archaeology, including Stonehenge, one of England's best-known landmarks.

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