Town Hall Tower

This colossal 13th century Gothic tower is the focal point of Main Square.

Nearby Attractions

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St Mary’s Basilica
A model of Brick Gothic style, this church is home to the Poland's national treasure: the gigantic wooden Altarpiece of Veit Stoss.
Wawel Castle
This castle perched atop Wawel Hill was the centre of power in Poland for centuries, and is the country's most important historical site.
Cloth Hall
The beautiful Renaissance 'Sukiennice' at the centre of Main Square was the commerical hub of Kraków.
St Andrew’s Church
The oldest in Kraków, this 11th century church is a fine example of Romanesque architecture and a rare 'fortress church' survivor of the 1241 Mongol invasion.
Oskar Schindler's Factory
The factory where Oskar Schindler sheltered hundreds of Jews over the course of the Second World War.
Kazimierz Jewish Quarter
A historic district that was formerly the Jewish centre of Kraków.

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Full-day Highlights of Krakow

Previously Poland’s capital, Krakow is not surprisingly the hub for European history and culture. On this full-day highlights tour you will dig up that history as you explore Krakow’s most desired tour destinations - Old Town and the Jewish Quarter. 

You will embark on an exciting journey as you travel the famous Royal Route, previously reserved for Krakow’s king’s and celebrities. Starting at the Barbican Castle you will move to Krakow’s Main Square where you will be welcomed by marvellous façades, the gigantic Town Hall Tower, exciting shops and much more. If you’re looking for something - Main Square has it! 

Following a traditional Polish lunch, we will continue our walk to another one of Krakow's most sought for locations: Wawel Hill. Known as the centre of political power in Krakow, the Hill has witnessed a plethora of Royal crownings and ceremonies.  

Next, you will travel to Kazimierz, a district that flourished with Jewish culture as early as the 15th century. Here, you will explore many of the areas that you might have seen in the Oscar-Award-Winning Schindler’s List film. Our journey will end at Oscar Schindler’s Factory, after which your guide can make some fabulous dinner recommendations.

Royal Tour of Krakow with private guide
On this 4 hour tour of Old Town, you will receive the ultimate Krakow experience. You will journey on the Royal Route - a route that was used by kings and celebrities during their time in Krakow. 

Krakow City Centre

Starting at Barbican Castle, you will then head into Krakow’s Main Square where you will be treated to grand facades, the gigantic Town Hall Tower, exciting shops and much more. If you’re looking for something -- Main Square has it! Next, you will be greeted by the marvellous Florian’s Gate, another Gothic Tower and arguably the most famous of its kind in Poland. Continuing on the Royal Route, you will see some of Krakow’s most famous attractions -- St. Mary’s Basilica, Planty Gardens and Cloth Hall will all be there for you to feast your eyes on.

A Royal Castle

On a little break from the Royal Path, you will even experience Krakow’s “Off the Beaten Track” by stepping into the Jagiellonian University's oldest building -- Collegium Maius -- to see its extravagant lecture halls and communities. Our final stop, only the most appropriate for such a Royal experience, will be Wawel Hill. Perched on top of the hill are the Wawel Castle and Cathedral. Both were once the centres of political power in Krakow and now you will get to re-live that experience. 

By the end of this tour, you will have hopefully grasped the historical and cultural framework of the city and enjoyed a large variety of anecdotes prepared by our tour guides specifically for you!  



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