A busy, charming and characterful district across the Tiber which has kept hold of its authenitic Roman feel.

TravelCurious Tip

Look out for the memorial plaque to director Sergio Leone, master of Spaghetti Westerns, on the apartment building of Viale Glorioso.

Trendy Trastevere

Located across the Tiber, which gives the district its name via the Latin trans Tiberim, is the happening Trastevere. It is the thirteenth rione of modern Rome, and historically was an important Jewish community from the time of the Roman Republic until the Middle Ages.

Today Trastevere is a buzzing hub of social and commercial activity, and is home to many delightful restaurants, cafés, bars, and shops. There is a daily market where you can buy fresh local produce, as well as a huge Sunday market on Via Napoleone Parboni, which offers food, clothes, jewellery and other trinkets. If markets are your thing then this one is well worth a visit.

Bohemian Rome

With its tendency to attract young and cosmopolitan types during the day and night, Trastevere is perhaps to Rome what Shoreditch is to London, and its youthful energy is accentuated by the presence of international and American universities. On a Friday or Saturday night it is typical to see crowds of people thronging the streets, the piazzas and the pedestrian Sisto bridge, chatting, drinking, and playing music.

If you decide to go out for a drink on a Saturday night, you might find it difficult to get a seat somewhere. Never fear, however, as most places offer a takeaway cup for your beverage which you can take with you to one of the beautiful squares and enjoy while soaking up the electric atmosphere. In recent years the popularity of the area has led to a slight increase in prices and a tendency to cater to the hordes of tourists that arrive each year, but you will still find some local gems down the cobbled streets where traditional character is truly preserved.

Nearby Attractions

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Jewish Ghetto
For over 300 years all the Jews in Rome were restricted to this small area; today it is a vibrant and fascinating district.
When in Rome, drink what the Romans drink.
Piazza and Palazzo Farnese
One of the most important palaces of the High Renaissance, once home to Pope Paul III and currently the French Embassy.
Villa Farnesina
A gorgeous Renaissance building, with some amazing artwork and lovely gardens.
Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere
An ancient and colourful Christian church in one of the liveliest spots in town.
Piazza Santa Maria
A happening square in the heart of Trastevere where you can relax, people watch and enjoy the festivities in the evenings.

Related Tours

Trastevere Small Group Food Tour
With its narrow cobblestone streets and strong sense of communal spirit, Trastevere is a must-see for any visitor to Rome. At night, it is a wonderful festive hangout for tourists and locals alike, with musicians playing in its narrow, winding backstreets and squares and diners and pleasure seekers spilling out from restaurants and bars. On your small group tour, you and up to 7 others, will:

  • Sample the freshest ingredients on several tastings throughout the course of the evening
  • Indulge in a sit down meal at a local, family-owned restaurant frequented by locals. 
  • Learn what 'suppli’ are and why the locals love them.
  • Enjoy classic Romano food - like cacio e pepe or Amatriciana.
  • Taste the best pastries around and meet the neighbourhood’s resident pastry chef of 40 years.
  • Learn about (and taste!) the real-deal gelato.
  • Sample award-winning local homemade desserts and visit authentic, old wine cellars.
On this evening  food tour, your local expert guide will show you the best of Trastevere’s food scene: from family-run pastry shops and delicatessens to gelato and wine. Meet the people behind the magic and immerse yourself in this area’s wonderfully preserved food traditions with several tastings throughout the walk.  

On the way, you will have the opportunity to stop by local churches and squares - your guide will provide you with a fascinating local insight into this neighbourhood’s history and traditions and how they have had an impact on food culture. With your small group experience, you can enjoy a tailored, adaptable experience - and be entertained by your new friends along with your local guide. Receive  the best local advice for what to do and see for the rest of your stay. Get away from the tourist areas of Rome and spend a fascinating, indulgent day in one of Rome’s most historic areas - this is an evening not to be missed!


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