Perhaps ancient Rome's most astonishing architectural feat.

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Enjoy the view over a grappa from a bar in the surrounding Piazza della Rotonda.

Holy dome

For the entirety of its two millennia, the Pantheon has been used as a place of worship. It was first built as a temple to the Roman Gods around 126 AD, and became a church after the Empire converted to Christianity in the 7th century - its internal niches now contain fine Catholic artwork including frescoes and Byzantine icons, and a magnificent high altar was added in the 17th century. The building’s consecration protected it from the terrible damage suffered by much of Rome’s ancient architecture during the early medieval period.

To this day, the Pantheon hosts religious masses and weddings. It is also the resting place for many eminent Romans, including the artist Raphael and the first king of Italy, Victor Emmanuel II.

A monumental feat

From an architectural perspective, the Pantheon remains one of the great wonders of the world. The sixteen vast granite Corinthian columns of its portico - which each weigh 60 tons - were quarried in Egypt, dragged 100km on wooden sledges to the Nile, floated by barge down the river, crossed the Mediterranean Sea in ships to Ostia, then were transferred back onto barges to travel up the Tiber to Rome - before being rolled another 700 metres to the Pantheon. Quite a journey!

Its rotunda is no less impressive, crowned by the world's largest unreinforced concrete dome, whose height is exactly equal to the rotunda’s diameter - a 43.3m sphere fits perfectly inside. It is only relatively recently that architects have come to understand how the dome can support itself, let alone withstand the many earthquakes over its long history.

The dome’s 4,535 ton construction is ingenious. It reduces in thickness from 6.4m at the base to just 1.2m at the crown, further lightened by internal coffering; its aggregate consists of heavy travertine at the base, then lighter terracotta tiles, then even lighter porous tufa and pumice at the top. At the very apex, where the dome would be at its most vulnerable to collapse, there is no concrete at all: the oculus, a 9m circular aperture, lightens the load as well as allowing in a beam of sunlight. The polychrome marble floor features concealed bronze drainage holes to handle water ingress during storms.

Michelangelo himself was greatly moved by his first sight of the Pantheon, declaring it to be the work of angels; he was inspired to design the dome of St. Peter's Basilica, by which time the Pantheon was already almost 1,500 years old. It also inspired Brunelleschi’s stunning 15th century dome for Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence. The Pantheon remains today as stunning testament to the Roman Empire’s majesty, and one of the most influential and impressive buildings of all time.

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PLEASE NOTE: The order of the itinerary may change based on ticket availability. 
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This three-hour walking tour is designed to give you the perfect overview of the city, as it includes some of the most beautiful attractions in the historic centre. This tour of the heart of Rome– more than any other, mixes the ancient with the late Baroque in a way that only Rome could. It is a great introduction to the magic in Rome. 
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  • Enjoy the personal attention of a private tour guide who will keep the whole family engaged, interested, and entertained;
  • See the major highlights of Rome’s city centre in just 3 hours;
  • Stop for a delicious local Gelato on us;
  • Pose like Audrey Hepburn on the iconic Spanish Steps; 
  • Throw a coin and make a wish at the stunning Trevi Fountain - see if you can spot the fake windows;
  • Step inside the mighty Pantheon – the 2000-year-old temple to all the gods. Peer into the heavens through its miraculous oculus!
  • Hear how Rome was built layer upon layer – just like a giant lasagna;
  • See the beautiful baroque piazzas and learn about the secret insults between the rival artists, Bernini and Borromini; 
  • Spot the hidden insults within the statues and architecture with the help of your guide;
  • Guess the rivers on the Fountain of the Four Rivers at Piazza Navona – your guide will give you clues!
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Enjoy this engaging, family-friendly walking tour of all the highlights of Rome's stunning historic centre with an expert private guide - including a delicious and well-deserved gelato break!  

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You'll walk inside the amazing Pantheon - designed in the 2nd Century by Emperor Hadrian. How did the Ancient Romans build that heavy cement dome with a hole in it? How did it not collapse? Gaze up to the heavens through the open air 'occulus' as your guide explains the amazing ingenuity of the Romans, and tells you other fascinating secrets about the Pantheon, like why the church calls it St Mary of the Martyrs. 

You'll see the amazing Fountain of the Four Rivers at Piazza Navona by the sculptor Bernini, and the magnificent church of Saint Agnes overlooking it, by his arch-rival Borromini. 

Your guide will help you to guess which four major rivers are represented in the giant statues by Bernini - he left us lots of clues, and will also help you find the insult left on top of the church by Borromini!    

You will learn how Rome was built - layer on layer, like a giant lasagna! You'll see how Piazza Navona was built over a horse racing stadium, and a marker showing just how high the river Tiber used to flood. See if you can reach it! 

Your tour ends with a visit to the amazing Castle of the Angel or the Castel Sant'Angelo. Feel like a true explorer as you uncover the secrets of the castle. Originally the Mausoleum of Hadrian,  it became a Papal fortress with a secret passageway that connects it directly to the Vatican!  

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This four-hour golf cart tour is designed to give you a perfect overview of the city: visit the key sites in the centre and be shown all the best-hidden haunts and local hangouts that you might otherwise miss. A golf-cart tour allows you to access parts of the city that cars and tour buses cannot. 

Stop off at attractions or for gelato whenever you feel like it, go for a wander through Rome’s winding cobbled streets and save your energy for the rest of the day by hopping back on your golf cart, which will be waiting, ready to whisk you away to your next destination. 

A great way to experience the magic of Rome in a comfortable and flexible manner – and your experience will be unaffected by the weather! 
Scavenger Hunt in Rome: Private Family-Friendly Half-Day Tour
Explore the alleyways, monuments, and secrets of Rome in a fun and stimulating way, on this private family scavenger hunt, great for kids of all ages – with a well-deserved gelato to end! 

On your private scavenger hunt tour you will:

  • Enjoy a privately guided, family-oriented tour of Rome with all sorts of surprises included;
  • Engage your kids with a fun activity while exploring Rome's beauties in the historical centre; a really fun way to learn the history, and even secrets, of the Eternal city;
  • Commence your scavenger hunt in the centre of Rome at Piazza di Spagna by the iconic Spanish Steps;
  • Work with your private guide to answer riddles and map out your route;
  • Journey through the historic centre of Rome, locating your clues and discovering the city’s secrets as you go;
  • Make a wish by throwing in your coin at the magnificent Trevi Fountain;
  • Find out about the famous monuments, piazzas, churches and temples as you follow the map;
  • Step inside the Pantheon with its incredible dome and gaze up at the oculus – the open-air “eye”, a unique achievement in ancient architecture! ;
  • Head over to Piazza Navona with Bernini’s fascinating Fountain of the Four Rivers – will you be able to decipher the clues?
  • End with a very well-deserved gelato, a delicious Italian ice cream.
This entertaining scavenger hunt is a great way to see all the most important and famous sights in Rome and keep the kids engaged and interested! Your tour starts at Piazza di Spagna and the Spanish Steps, where you will be given advice, clues and information before embarking on an exciting adventure through the city. 

Continue your hunt through the historic centre of Rome, and keep your eyes open for clues along the way- passing the majestic Trevi Fountain – spot the fake window? And pay a visit to the mighty Pantheon with its vast concrete dome and mesmerizing oculus. This is a chance to explore Rome in a stimulating way and invites kids to work together to win a prize. There is an ice cream included at the end too! 
Discover Rome's Ancient History Live Virtual Tour
This live virtual tour will start at Piazza Navona where you will learn about its ancient history and how its original use was as a Roman stadium

On this live virtual tour you will see:
  • Ancient Ruins of the Stadium of Domitian 
  • Piazza Navona, incl. the Fountain of the Four Rivers, the Church of Sant'Agnese and Palazzo Pamphili
  • Palazzo Madama
  • Church of San Luigi dei Francese
  • Piazza della Rotonda
  • The Pantheon
You'll be able to peer down onto the ruins of the 1st-century Stadium with your tour guide and virtually wander around the spectacular Baroque piazza.

You will have a chance to admire Bernini's stunning Fountain of the Four Rivers and Borromini's church of Sant'Agnese.

After a short 5-minute stroll you will discover the Pantheon, the best-preserved Ancient Roman temple to learn about the history of this incredible building and its unique architecture.



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