Church of St. Louis of the French

San Luigi dei Francesi is a Catholic Church near Piazza Navona, Rome

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Perhaps ancient Rome's most astonishing architectural feat.
Piazza Navona
A lovely square on the former site of the Stadium of Domitian, boasting wonderful Baroque fountains.
Campo De' Fiori
Host to a daily fruit and vegetable market, this square is a great place to soak up the atmosphere of Rome.
Piazza and Palazzo Farnese
One of the most important palaces of the High Renaissance, once home to Pope Paul III and currently the French Embassy.
Largo di Torre Argentina
The site of Pompey - where Julius Caesar was assassinated by the Senate - is now equally known locally as a shelter for stray cats, who are often as photographed as the ruins themselves.
Montecitori Palace
Montecitori Palace or Palazzo Montecitorio is the seat of the Chamber of Deputies

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Caravaggio Masterpieces in Rome: Private Art Walking Tour
Enjoy a private tour of Caravaggio’s astonishing and dramatic masterpieces on display throughout the historic centre of Rome. Learn all about his wild reputation as the bad boy of Baroque Rome, as you admire his phenomenal paintings, famous for their ‘chiaroscuro’ dramatic contrasts of dark and light. 

On your private tour you will: 

  • Enjoy a guided tour of the beautiful historic centre of Rome, visiting three churches that house several of Caravaggio’s most famous masterpieces;
  • Learn all about the turbulent life of Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, whose paintings were as dramatic as his wild reputation;
  • Start by Palazzo Madama, today the seat of the Italian Senate,  it was Caravaggio's home for four years;
  • Visit the magnificently marbled Baroque church of San Luigi dei Francesi (St. Louis of the French) to see the triptych of the Calling of St Matthew, the Inspiration of St Matthew and the Martyrdom of St Matthew;
  • Admire ‘The Madonna of the Pilgrims’ another masterpiece by Caravaggio in the church of San Agostino – depicting two pilgrims with dirty, muddy feet on their knees before the Madonna and child;
  • End your tour inside the church of Santa Maria del Popolo on the beautiful Piazza del Popolo that houses the Crucifixion of St Peter and the Conversion of St Paul.

Enjoy an in-depth guided tour of the life and work of Caravaggio with an expert guide to three churches in the historic centre of Rome. 

Few people’s lives have involved the same blend of mystery, murder and genius as the master Caravaggio. 

Caravaggio was very much the bad boy of Baroque Rome. Famous as much for the number of times he was arrested as for his dramatic, masterful, and often controversial paintings. He once threw a plate of hot artichokes in a waiter’s face for bringing him the ‘wrong ones’ and would often swagger about town showing off his sword and looking for a duel – which was illegal! 

But he had charm and charisma and was in high demand as a painter when he came to Rome, where he was employed by Cardinal Del Monte at the Palazzo Madama, which you'll walk past on your tour. 

Caravaggio is most famous for the dramatic contrasts of dark and light in his paintings – the technique called chiaroscuro, which seemed to fatefully mirror the contrasts in his own life. He controversially used poor, often homeless folk as his models for great saints and images of the Madonna, which you'll see in the church of San Agostino. 

Your tour will take you around the Rome that Caravaggio knew, and into the churches that now house his priceless masterpieces, available to view for just a euro in the lightbox slot. Today one of his paintings will sell for millions – but Caravaggio was always hard up because of his tendency for late-night carousing! 

You'll walk down the street where he committed the ultimate crime, and killed a man in a duel - before fleeing Rome with a price on his head - echoed in his portrait of David with the severed head of Goliath - a self-portrait of a man with a tortured soul.  


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