Unlock the magic of Bali

Set in the middle of Indonesia, this volcanic island has retained a very distinctive culture as the only majority Hindu province in Indonesia. With a fascinating history, superb scenery, pristine beaches and beautiful surrounding waters, it really has something for everyone.

Attractions in Bali

One of Bali’s first tourist developments, it was the site of terrorist attacks in 2002 and 2005
Waterbom Park
Water park with plenty of fun rides and attractions
Lembongan Island
Lying a short distance to the south-east of Bali, this island is renowned for its excellent surf conditions
Banana Boats
Inflatable boat where the riders rush through the waves at very high speeds
Lembongan Beach Club and Bar
A private center with plenty of activities for all family members
Mushroom Bay
A sheltered bay located on the island of Nusa Lembongan, known for its' relaxing and idyllic atmosphere and clear waters.
Elephant Cave
Built over a millennium ago, and with a striking façade, this cave is also known as Goa Gajah
Small village on the western edge of the Mount Batur caldera. The views here are truly spectacular
Tegalalang Rice Terraces
See Balinese nature and irrigation in action looking over these stunning rice terraces
Ayung River
The longest river on the island, and an excellent place for white-water rafting!
White-Water Rafting
Whoosh down turbulent rivers in this exhilarating experience that will leave you buffeted and breathless
Very pleasant country town, set within a cool location in the mountains, that is a center for Balinese culture and home to the island’s royal family
Monkey Forest
Forest sanctuary that is home to some macaques who are very much at ease with humans
Place where Bali’s world-famous Batik fabric is produced
Ubud Market
Busy market that is an excellent place to find Balinese craftwork
Bali Safari and Marine Park
Large safari park that lets you get up and, safely, close with the animals
Balinese wildlife
Set close to the Wallace Line, a boundary line marking - roughly - where Asiatic and Australian species meet, Bali has its own unique wildlife
Elephant Safari Park
Place where you can see and ride elephants in an environment that is close to their natural surroundings
The Balinese hub for artisan stone carvers who use a local pumice-like rock called paras
The best place to go in Bali if you want to see local goldsmiths and silversmiths at work
Lake Batur
Crescent-shaped caldera lake set high up on Mount Batur
Village where the local craftsmen specialise in wood carving and produce some world-renowned work
Mount Batur
Active volcano that is sacred to Dewi Danu, the water goddess of Balinese Hindus
Village where locals showcase Balinese culture to visitors
Tanjung Benoa
A popular peninsula, filled with fine sand and coconut palms, with lots of facilities for water-sports enthusiasts
Uluwatu Temple (Pura Luhur Uluwatu)
Stunning cliff-top 11th century Temple known for its incredible displays of Kecak dance, beautiful sunsets, and mischievous monkeys.
Kecak Dance Performance
A ritual dance performance that has become an iconic image of Balian culture, accompanied by a choir of male singers known as a gamelan suara.
Tanah Lot Temple (Pura Tanah Lot)
One of Bali's most important landmarks, this hindu pilgrimage temple is famed for its off-shore location and dramatic sunsets
Alas Kedaton Forest
Giant nutmeg trees, up to 40m in height, have been home for centuries to thousands of chattering monkeys. Venture into the forest and you will chance upon the temple Pura Bukit Sari.
Pura Taman Ayun
Built in 1634 by the Raja of Mengwi town, the Pura Taman Ayum is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful temples in Bali. Its gardens even featured on the television programme 'The World in 80 Gardens.'
Sanur beach
the stunning Sanur beach, located in the southeast of Bali, was one of the island earliest beach resorts. It is known for it's laid-back ambience and the traditional colourful fishing boats that line the shore.
Sindhu Morning Market
A market where locals buy and sell food, handicrafts, traditional textiles and useful household goods. You can find anything under the sun in these ceramic aisles. It's especially lively at night.
Bedugul Botanical Garden
Indonesia's largest botanical garden is located 1300m above sea level, overlooking Bratan Lake, and the Ulun Danu temple. It boasts around 21,000 specimens of plant and animal life, and many traditional and ceremonial plants.
Candi Kuning Market
This bustling, traditional market sells all kinds of tropical fruit that are famous in Bali. You can also pick up other fresh produce, including all kinds of herbs and spices... it's a real feast for the senses.
Pura Ulun Danu
This gorgeous lakeside temple was built in the 1640's and dedicated to the Balinese water, lake and river goddess, Dewi Danu. This is due to the importance and life-giving waters of Lake Bratan. The breathtaking combination of temple, lake and mountains is a once-in-a-lifetime sight.
Lake Bratan
Lake Bratan is sacred to the Balinese, for the crucial irrigation it provides to the centre of the island. It is also a favourite spot of many visitors, described as one of the 20 most beautiful lakes in the world by the Huffington Post. the temple Pura Ulun Danu on its shore adds to the beauty of the area.
Banjar town and hot springs
Banjar hot springs, also known as Air Panas Banjar, are a complex of hot springs in a relaxing, tropical setting. A favourite with local people.
Git Git Waterfall
A secluded spot where you can plunge into the cooling pool at the foot of the 80m long waterfall. It is an easy walk from the road, although for more adventurous hikers, the Mekalongan fall is a short hike further on.
Tirta Empul
Very old temple where Balinese Hindus go for ritual purification
Mount Agung
The highest mountain on the island, it is sacred to many Balinese
Bali Treetop Adventure Park
The treetop adventure park is an outdoor ropes course set in the sprawling botanical gardens. See nature from a new perspective, and challenge your family and friends to a race through the treetops!
The ancient colonial capital of Bali, now known as Singaraja or 'Lion King,' boasts sleepy tree-lined boulevard and old colonial residences, and is the second largest city in Bali.
Bali Zoo
Bali Zoo merges its conservation agenda with lots of great activities for children and adults alike! It's impossible not to fall in love with their elephants, orangutans, and other winged and aquatic creatures!


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