Mushroom Bay

A sheltered bay located on the island of Nusa Lembongan, known for its' relaxing and idyllic atmosphere and clear waters.

Nearby Attractions

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Lembongan Beach Club and Bar
A private center with plenty of activities for all family members
Bali Safari and Marine Park
Large safari park that lets you get up and, safely, close with the animals
Lembongan Island
Lying a short distance to the south-east of Bali, this island is renowned for its excellent surf conditions
Balinese wildlife
Set close to the Wallace Line, a boundary line marking - roughly - where Asiatic and Australian species meet, Bali has its own unique wildlife
Sanur beach
the stunning Sanur beach, located in the southeast of Bali, was one of the island earliest beach resorts. It is known for it's laid-back ambience and the traditional colourful fishing boats that line the shore.
Sindhu Morning Market
A market where locals buy and sell food, handicrafts, traditional textiles and useful household goods. You can find anything under the sun in these ceramic aisles. It's especially lively at night.

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