Sanssouci Palace

Often described as the Versailles of Germany. It is the former summer palace of Frederick the Great, King of Prussia

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The main rooms of the palace all face onto the lovely garden – be sure to have a wander through it if weather permits.

Though it is sometimes touted as Germany’s answer to Versailles, the truth is that Sanssouci is much more in keeping with the modesty of a king who once said “A crown is just a hat that lets the rain in.” Originally, Frederick the Great had simply wanted to grow grapes, plums and figs on the hills outside Potsdam, but on seeing the place he immediately fell in love with the beautiful view, and decided that this was to be the location for his new summer residence.

The Palace Without Cares

The job of designing the palace was given to the famed Prussian architect Georg Wenzeslaus von Knobelsdorff. He decided on the light, airy Rococo style, which was in vogue at the time, and which he felt perfectly suited the purposes of the new residence. The name was conceived with the same thought in mind; sans souci is a French expression meaning “without a care”.

Interior Opulence

The simple single-storey exterior of Sanssouci belies a much more royal interior. Although the principal block contains just ten rooms, they are luxuriously furnished, with plenty of marble, mahogany and gold inlay used throughout. Coming in through the entrance hall, you’ll see the fashionable exterior colonnade motif continued inside in the form of ten pairs of Corinthian-style stucco marble columns. Particularly intriguing are the king’s study and bedroom. Here you can see the very armchair in which Frederick died, returned in the mid-19th century after a long period of absence.

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It is now one of the most-visited cities in Germany, home to magnificent palaces and elegant gardens.

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 Note: Due to strict policy at Sanssouci Palace, your guide will not be able to accompany you throughout your time here. They will rendezvous with you at the exit.   
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Less than an hour from Berlin by car, Potsdam is one of Europe’s most magnificent royal cities. Created by the Prussian Kings to rival the Baroque opulence of Versailles, the palaces and parks of Potsdam are spread over 500 hectares and include over 150 buildings dating from 1730 to 1916. It was made a UNESCO world heritage site in 1990 and provides a peaceful and beautiful respite from the hustle and bustle of Berlin. 

Throughout the day, your guide will tell you the plethora of stories of the people behind the pomp and splendour of the buildings. The life of Frederick the Great who was a keen patron of the arts and the Enlightenment and commissioned the Sanssouci Palace to be his summer palace, where you will have VIP access. Your guide will meet you after the audio-guided tour and walk with you through the Sansoucci gardens past the lovely Chinese Tea Room to the New Palace which you'll explore from the outside. Then it's time for lunch (not included in the tour) and your guide will be only too happy to help with recommendations. 

After a lunch break, you’ll spend the afternoon visiting the Cecilienhof palace (from the outside) and wander around the charming Dutch quarter – with its laid back ambience, courtyards and cafes, bars and galleries. Your guide will also show you the Alter Markt, Neuer Markt, St. Nikolai Church, City Palace and The Brandenburg Gate so you'll really have covered everything! Before you head back to Berlin, you may also spy on the odd actor as Potsdam was named UNESCO creative city of Film in 2019! 


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