An old Russian colony, created in 1826-27 upon the request of Frederick Wilhelm III

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If it’s a cold day, head into the Russian restaurant in Alexandrowka - they serve delicious bowls of piping-hot Borscht.

In the north of Potsdam, near the southern end of the pretty Waldpark, you can find thirteen simple, rustic wooden houses. They were built in 1827 on the specific orders of Prussian king Friedrich Wilhelm III, who wished to demonstrate the depth of his friendship with Czar Alexander of Russia. To this end, he built what became known as “The Russian Colony”, a dedicated space where Russian singers living in Prussia could relax and practise their art at leisure. It was designed in imitation of a village near St. Petersburg, and soon became much beloved of the homesick Russians. In 1999, it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A Russian Renaissance

These days, a few descendants of the original inhabitants still live in the area, and in recent years there has been a big effort to restore Alexandrowka to its original form. Houses 2 and 8 have been faithfully rebuilt according to their original specifications, and in 2005 the Museum Alexandrowka was opened inside the former. It’s a simple place, but gives a great insight into how people live in the colony.

Local Russian Cuisine

Take a walk around, and you could almost be in Russia. There’s an Orthodox church, and even a restaurant serving traditional Russian fare. It seems remarkable that this place survived 12 years of Nazi rule, even after Germany’s 1941 declaration of war on the Soviet Union. It’s an unusual attraction, but is certainly worth a visit if you’re in the area.

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Potsdam is a city from your dreams; its endless castles, palaces, gardens and lakes served as the home of Kings and Emperors for three hundred years. It was finally given UNESCO status in 1990, after the fall of the Soviet Union. Full of incredible history, from Prussian royalty to the Cold War, this treasure is as fascinating as it is beautiful.

Begin your tour at the majestic  Schloss Cecilienhof Palace, where Churchill, Truman and Stalin shaped and partitioned post-war Europe and Asia in 1945. Next explore the 18th century Russian colony of Alexandrowka and its 13 wooden houses; see one of the best collection of Dutch buildings outside of Holland. Pass the feared East German Stasi Prison, which cruelly housed political prisoners secretly for decades. Finish your private, relaxed tour at the Orangery Palace and the undisputed jewel of Potsdam: Sanssouci Palace – marvel at its stunning Rococo architecture. A private transfer will then whisk you off your feet and return you to your accommodation in Berlin.

Note: Due to strict policy at Sanssouci Palace, your guide will not be able to accompany you throughout your time here. They will rendezvous with you at the exit. 

We built this tour because 
it invites individuals a speedy and comfortable way to explore Potsdam's palace. 


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