With its collection of remarkable museums, this island earned a spot on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.

TravelCurious Tip

Buy an ‘unlimited’ ticket which entitles you to entry to all museums for three days - this way you can come and go as you please and beat the queues.

The Louvre of Berlin

From S-Bahn Friedrichstrasse it is only a short walk to Museumsinsel, an island in the Spree which contains five different museums.

The 1830 Altes Museum (Old Museum) contains the Berlin State Museums’ collection of classical antiquities: the nearby Neues Museum (New Museum) was finished in 1859, but destroyed in World War II. Rebuilt and finally reopened in 2009, it houses artefacts from prehistory and many works from ancient Egypt including an iconic bust of the Egyptian queen Nefertiti.

The Alte Nationalgalerie (Old National Gallery), completed in 1876 to designs by Friedrich August Stüler, shows a collection of Neo-classical, Romantic, Impressionist and early Modernist artwork. The Bode Museum on the island's northern tip exhibits the sculpture collections and late Antique and Byzantine art.

Finally the Pergamon Museum, constructed in 1930, contains multiple reconstructed and immensely historically significant buildings such as the Pergamon Altar and the Ishtar Gate of Babylon.

Enough for a lifetime

There is actually far too much to see in one day, so take your time and visit a few things in depth. The island is truly impressive in size, and offers a unique opportunity for visitors to wander between exhibits in neighbouring museums spanning the last three thousand years of history.

Nearby Attractions

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A marvellous example of Baroque architecture, the old Berlin Armoury is now Germany's official national history museum.
Neue Wache
Originally constructed as a guard house, this neoclassical paradigm now serves as a war memorial.
Nikolai Quarter
One of the oldest residential areas of Berlin, this quarter is filled with enjoyable bars and restaurants.
Altes Museum
Home to the city’s main collection of ancient art, sculptures and a gold treasury.
Berlin Cathedral
Located on Museum Island, it is a main work of Historicist architecture of the "Kaiserzeit."
The most popular drink in Germany, which is the world’s second biggest coffee importer.

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Remembering World War II: Memorial Tour of Berlin
Travellers are usually humbled by the extreme efforts, honesty and openness of Germans recollections of the Second World War. A visit to Berlin is a reminder to never forget. This tour explores the German culture of memory, while talking about those who lost their lives and were persecuted.  

  • Begin at the Reichstag – see the bullet holes and graffiti left by Soviet solders from 1945.
  • Visit many of Berlin’s memorials, dedicated to those murdered and persecuted in World War II. 
  • Explore Tiergarten Park, Unter de Linden, Bebelplatz and the Stolpersteine stones, which commemorate the victims of the Soviet regime in Berlin. 
  • Finish at beautiful Museum Island and view the rebuilding of the Royal Palace
Learn about the final moments of World War II in Europe. See the bullet holes, shrapnel and Soviet graffiti that cover the Reichstag building. Visit Berlin’s memorials to the victims of war and those persecuted. These include memorials to the Holocaust victims, Albert Einstein, Book Burning, Neue Wache and the Soviet War Monument. Explore the beautiful Tiergarten Park, hear the stories of desperate Berliners who used the park as farmland and for firewood after the war. Next see the majestic Brandenburg Gate, and wander along the historic Unter den Linden Boulevard. 
Full Day Highlights Tour of Berlin: Old & New Berlin
On this comprehensive full-day highlights tour in Berlin, you will endeavor to uncover the history of this remarkable city, and become better acquainted with its tumultuous past and driving forces that have created the metropolis that you see today. 

  • See the Reichstag and Brandenburg Gate and learn about their historical and political significance over the past one hundred years. 
  • Stroll through 17th Street where you will come across the Holocaust Memorial, Hitler’s Bunker, Berlin Wall and Topography of Terror Museum
  • Enjoy a long lunch at a local spot recommended by your private guide (price not included).
  • Visit Museum Island where you’ll see some of Germany’s best museums, featuring amazing art and cultural artifacts. 
  • See the old and the new – take a walk through the Jewish Quarter with over 800 years of history and end up at the Fernsehturm, Berlin’s futuristic TV tower.  
Through this tour, you will embark on a journey through time, visiting sites that played a role as Berlin evolved from Royal city through to Imperial capital, cosmopolitan hub to Nazi bastion, and from Cold War division to its contemporary renewal and prosperity. A century of geopolitical struggle, hubris, nemesis and rebirth have marked this fascinating city from the ambitions of the Kaiser to defeats in two World Wars.  You will visit the landmarks that played a role in shaping Berlin's history.
Private Tour of Berlin's Political Centre
When visiting Berlin, you can not help but become utterly immersed in the years of fascinating history that is present around every street corner. 

  • Explore Museum Island, home to some of Germany's best museums.
  • Take a walk through Unter den Linden - the historic heart of the city and enjoy a pleasant stroll along Berlin's Linden Boulevard.
  • Pass the beautiful Berlin Armoury, the New Guard House and the Babelplatz and learn more about Berlin's tumultuous history.
  • Pause at the Holocaust Memorial and remember those who have lost their lives.
In addition to the mentioned attractions, you will also visit St. Hedwig's Cathedral, a fine example of neoclassical design; Gendarmenmarkt - Berlin's most graceful square;  Hitler's Bunker; and the iconic Brandenburg Gate.

Berlin's political history is divisive, tumultuous and extraordinary. On this thrilling four-hour walking tour of the city, you will have the pleasure of exploring the medieval Alt-Berlin, where you will witness the old and new - tradition and innovation, sitting quite happily side-by-side. Explore traditions as you walk through Museum Island, and enjoy a stroll through Unter den Linden as you discuss Germany's political past with your expert guide, before recounting the horrific events of the past at Hitler's Bunker and the Holocaust Memorial. 
Private Walking Tour of Pergamon Museum, with five-in-one entrance ticket
Explore the artefacts of Berlin's Museum Square, enjoy a five-in-one entrance ticket to Museum Island; enjoy spectacular architecture and art, and learn about past civilisations. 

  • Enjoy a three-hour, private guided tour created for history and art lovers.
  • Visit The Pergamon Museum: Famed for its outstanding collection of archaeological monuments.
  • Travel back to lost civilisations of the Middle East, ancient Greece, and Mighty Rome.
  • Explore the serenity and beauty of Museumsinsel – an island oasis in the city.
  • Retrace the history and architecture on the island. Hear of its partition after WWII. 
  • See the Berlin Cathedral, find spectacular cityscapes, monuments and riverside gardens
  • Receive expert advice from your guide on the best museums to visit with the rest of your day
  • Tour the remaining museums at your leisure and learn about their importance to preserving culture. 
This tour is perfect for those seeking an expert-led tour of the world-famous Pergamon Museum, with an additional examination of Museum Island. Accompany an expert-in-the-field and delve into each museum's rich history and architecture. Enjoy the beautiful gardens, fountains and fabulous public spaces that surround them. Take centre stage with your guide. On this tour there are no other groups or noise to drown out the experience.

The Pergamon is often described as three museums in one - easily navigate the three major collections, piercing the heart of each. Travel back to lost ancient civilisations, from Ancient Greece, Babylonia to The Persian Empire. See remnants and striking artefacts of each: pottery, weaponry, statues, artwork. And marvel at the world famous collection of imposing archaeological discoveries. From recovered temples to towering 14 meter tall structures. 
Afterwards you are more than welcome to enter the remaining museums, armed with your extensive knowledge.


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