Rue St.Antoine

Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine is one of the most visited streets in Paris.
Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine is one of the oldest streets in Paris

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Place des Vosges
The oldest planned square in Paris and one of the finest in the city. Located in the Marais district.
Saint-Paul Saint Louis Church
A splendid Baroque-style church built between 1627 and 1641 by the Jésuites and used as a storehouse during the French Revolution as most of the big religious monuments in Paris.
Rue des Rosiers
The Rue des Rosiers, which means "street of the rosebushes," is a street in the 4th arrondissement of Paris, France.
Place Sainte-Catherine
Hidden in the heart of the Bas Marais
Rue Pavee
Rue Pavée - Paris is famous with its historical buildings
Jardin des Rosiers
Joseph-Migneret is a charming little park that the locals know

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Visit Le Marais with a Private Guide
On your private tour of Le Marais, you will:

  •  Visit one of the neighbourhood’s at the heart of Paris with a private guide.
  • Follow the evolution of the historic Marais, dating back to the city’s first urban planner.
  • Be delighted by the small hidden gardens and peaceful hideaways in the otherwise frenetic district.
  • Discover the district’s industrial past and how this past shaped its present.
  • Hear the tales of the names who give this district the feel of timeless history, from Queen Margot to Victor Hugo. 
If Paris is a moveable feast, then the Marais is the heart of it. A lively and invigorating district, the district has not always been this way. Once a swamp on the outskirts of Paris, Le Marais did not integrate the city until the Middle Ages, to finally become its nerve centre. Split between the 3rd and 4th arrondissements, and now an essential trendy district, popular for both visitors and Parisians themselves, Le Marais keeps much more than one secret in its sleeve, waiting for you to discover on your walking tour. 

Every step made here between the different communities that enrich the district –Jewish communities, LGBT, the small world of contemporary art –remind us that like Rome, Paris was not built in a day. On your walking tour your guide will point out the influences of the communities who have made the district home, and the various architectures that colour it – from medieval stones to rare incursions of contemporary architecture. 

On your walking tour of the former royal district, your guide will take you through a dizzying maze of hidden squares and picturesque alleys. During this guided tour from the elegant Place des the Vosges to the romantic Square du Temple, you will hear tales of the remarkable figures of French history, like the Duke of Sully, André Malraux and Madame de Sevigné. Enjoy the story of Old Paris through to its frenetic pace today on a walking tour with a private guide. 



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