Monet's Water Garden

An inspiration for his work, he was particularly interested in the play of light and clouds onto the water.

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Versailles Gardens
These gardens are a feat to match the palace's interiors, designed by King Louis XIV's royal gardener.
Musical Fountains show
Enjoy the extraordinary beauty of the water features synchronised to the tune of period music.
Monet's House, Giverny
Monet lived here with his eight children, he spent much of his time in his studio and cultivating his garden.
The Clos Normand
The flower garden at the front of the house which Monet tirelessly worked on with his wife Alice.
Utah Beach
Utah was one of the allied landing sites in Normandy, around 21,000 American infantry landed here on D-Day.
Best known as Vincent van Gogh´s place of death, the pretty little town of Auvers-Sur-Oise on the northwestern outskirts of Paris, gained its fame as on 19th Century a number of painters lived and worked here.

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Visit Claude Monet's House: Giverny Private Day Trip from Paris
Escape the city on a private tour to Claude Monet's idyllic country house and world-famous gardens at Giverny, on this private day trip from Paris. For lovers of Monet and his waterlilies, for gardeners and fans of the Impressionist movement - or those who simply appreciate art and the quiet beauty of nature, this is a must-see private day excursion to the picturesque rural village of Giverny, where Claude Monet lived and painted for 43 years, and created his Water Lily Garden of dreams. 

On your private tour, you will:

  • Visit Claude Monet's idyllic country house and enchanting gardens; 
  • Stand on the famous green Japanese Bridge overlooking the waterlily pond;
  • Wander up and down the Walled Normandy garden famous for its Irises and Dahlias and abundance of brightly coloured flowers;
  • See the interior of Monet's colourful country house - the bright yellow dining room, the blue-tiled kitchen, and the study lined with replicas of Monet's paintings;
  • Admire Monet's extensive collection of Japanese prints, as well as works by many of his friends, from Manet to Renoir;
  • Walk through the bedrooms of the upper floor and see all of Monet's photos and memorabilia;  
  • Explore the picturesque village of Giverny with its quaint walk-in galleries, delightful cafes, and shops; 
  • Walk through the village gardens designed by the gardening team at the Fondation Monet; 
  • Step into the paintings: walk in the re-created poppy and hay field; 
  • Tour the excellent Museum of Impressionism - filled with works by Monet, and many other Impressionists; 
  • Visit the local church and graveyard where Monet and his family are buried;
  • Take a relaxing lunch break at one of the many restaurants in Giverny;
  • Enjoy a scenic drive back to Paris.

For lovers of Monet and Impressionism, horticulture, nature, beauty, and peace - this is the day trip of dreams. Explore Monet's beautiful country house and exquisite gardens: the Japanese-inspired water lily garden and the walled 'Clos Normand' garden, famous for its rows of irises and dahlias, and made famous by Monet's prolific paintings. 

Monet loved his garden and loved to paint his garden. For lovers of Monet, stepping into those paintings is a magical moment. 

Claude Monet lived in and around Paris until he was 43. With a growing family and his growing wealth, he decided to purchase the Cider Press house - a charming pink brick country house with grey shutters in the Normandy village of Giverny. As soon as he moved in with his second wife Alice and between them their 8 children, he immediately painted the shutters bright green. 

This became known as Monet-green by the villagers, who very much questioned the taste of this Parisian peacock! Monet extended the house and hired several gardeners to create the top garden, the Clos Normand with its Grande Allee before purchasing another two acres of land, and paying to redirect the local river Ru (which again did not go down too well with the villagers!) to create his magical water lily garden - with which it is fair to say he became obsessed and produced hundreds of paintings of it - the pinnacle of which were the giant Nympheas which he painted during the war years, and dedicated to the French nation before his death. 

They now hang in the Orangerie in Paris. He built a special workshop to paint his water lilies - and this is now the spectacular gift shop. 

Explore the gardens with your knowledgeable guide as you learn all about the extraordinary life of Claude Monet - who began life as a humble and often impoverished artist, and became one of the great fathers of Impressionism, extremely rich and famous by the time he died aged 89.  Monet was friends with the great and the good, from fellow artists like Manet and Renoir to famous leaders and politicians like Georges Clemenceau - who held him in his arms as he died in 1926. 

You'll learn all about Monet's unusually close and eccentric family life as you tour his house, famous for its bright colours, and decorated with a huge collection of Japanese prints that influenced Monet's style, as well as works by fellow Impressionists.  

Enjoy a relaxing lunch break at one of the many eateries in Giverny, before exploring the rest of Giverny. 

The village is quaint, peaceful, colourful and beautifully manicured by the same gardening team that tends Monet's gardens. Visit the Museum of Impressionism with its wonderful collection of original works by Monet and his fellow Impressionists, make a pilgrimage to the local Church and graveyard where Monet and his family are buried, and visit the plethora of cafes, boutiques, galleries, and restaurants. 

PLEASE NOTE: This tour is only available from April to October 31st


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