Built in the 17th century, this pretty waterfront offers a variety of cafés, bars and restaurants.

TravelCurious Tip

Many of the restaurants are a bit steep - buy a beer from a store nearby instead, and enjoy the view from the quay.

New Haven

Much of Copenhagen’s Old Town was destroyed by a terrible fire in 1728: Nyhavn survived the conflagration. Home to beloved Danish author Hans Christian Andersen for 18 years, it was once rather a seedy dockland, notorious for its prostitution and rowdy sailors.

After the advent of bigger ships in the early 20th century, Nyhavn’s use as a port began to dwindle; in the 1960s a rejuvenation campaign was begun, and the quay, once used as a parking area, was pedestrianised in 1980. The waterfront’s beautiful houses were renovated and its historic importance recognised; today it is popular with locals and tourists alike.

Come rain or shine

Nyhavn’s painted townhouses and sumptuous mansions now overlook many a good quayside restaurant, bar and outdoor café - as well as an excellent ice cream and waffle parlour.

The harbour is particularly lovely in summer when its colourful northern side is bathed in sunlight, making for great photo opportunities; at Christmas it’s a top destination for yuletide Danish delicacies, with festive market stalls galore. A waterside stroll down Nyhavn is the perfect end to a day of Copenhagen sightseeing.

Nearby Attractions

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A self-proclaimed autonomous and anti-establishment neighbourhood.
Strøget Shopping Street
Europe’s longest pedestrian street offers a fabulous shopping experience.
Church of Our Saviour
A beautiful church famous for its helix spire, winding staircase and spectacular view.
A vibrant, diverse and bohemian area with a unique maritime atmosphere.
Christiansborg Palace
The seat of the Danish Parliament, the Prime Minister’s office and the Supreme Court.
Amalienborg Palace
The winter home of the Danish royal family has stunning Rococo interiors.

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Magnificent Copenhagen: Half Day Highlights
This whistle-stop tour invites travellers to explore the beauty and grandeur of Copenhagen. 

  • Take pictures of the iconic Little Mermaid sculpture 
  • Visit the 18th century Amalienborg Palace, passing St. Alban's Church en route
  • Explore Christian IV's brewhouse 
  • Enjoy a walk towards the Gefion Fountain 
  • Pass by the stunning Christiansborg Palace, and the Church of Our Saviour 
  • Learn about Danish politics and religion
  • Stroll along the ports at Christianshavn, home to various boutiques and restaurants 
  • Have a peaceful break at Amaliehaven, an oasis hidden away from bustling Copenhagen 
  • Appreciate the Renaissance architecture of Rosenborg Castle
  • Ascend Copenhagen's City Hall for panaromic views over Tivoli Gardens
Charming Copenhagen

You will begin your comprehensive 4-hour walking tour of Copenhagen by visiting the utterly charming Little Mermaid, designed by the talented sculpture Edvard Eriksen. You will pass St. Alban’s Church, an enclave of Anglican Christianity in the heart of Copenhagen, before visiting the beautiful 18th century Amalienborg Palace, which is  considered one of the greatest works of Danish Rococo architecture and official residence of the Danish Queen.

Furthermore, you will venture on to explore Christian IV’s brewhouse, one of the oldest buildings in Copenhagen and one with a fascinating past. A short walk to the Gefion Fountain will follow, where  large carved animals and Norse Goddess Gefjun sit atop its cascading waters. 

Modern Denmark

It is hard not to be awestruck by the stunning Christiansborg Palace, the seat of the Danish Parliament, the Prime Minister’s office and the Supreme Court. Here you will have the chance to learn about modern Denmark, its politics, and uniquely liberal society. Not to be missed is the Church of Our Saviour which is one of Denmark's most famous and unique churches. Ever since the beautiful serpentine spire was inaugurated in 1752, it has been the custom to climb the 400 steps to the very top!

A short stop to Christianshavn with its narrow cobbled streets, Michelin-starred restaurants and cosy cafés that line its canal, is an absolute must for any foodie or photographer. Close by you will find Nyhavn - originally a busy commercial port originally packed with sailors, ladies of pleasure, and alehouses. Today the area is somewhat more respectable but no less beautiful, where you will find the colourful old quayside houses renovated into quaint boutiques and classy restaurants. 

Green Oasis

You will be delighted to have a moment's rest at Amaliehaven, a small yet beautifully proportioned green oasis in the heart of bustling Copenhagen, where beautiful flowers of all shapes and colours provide a stunning contrast to the formality and strict geometry of the architecture of the area. 

You will proceed on to the impressive 17th century Rosenborg Castle built by one of the most famous Scandinavian kings, Christian IV. Here you will explore the truly magnificent gardens and appreciate the exquisite Renaissance architecture of the castle. 

The last stop of this highlight tour is Copenhagen City Hall, one of the tallest and most impressive buildings in Copenhagen. Venture inside to be rewarded with a magnificent view of the Tivoli Gardens and the inner city.

We built this tour because it invites first-timers to Copenhagen, or those short on time, to explore and appreciate all the architectural grandeur Copenhagen has to offer. 
Fabulous Full Day Highlights of Copenhagen
During this 6 hour walking tour you will explore Copenhagen’s bustling and cool city centre.  

  • Begin at the Amalienborg Palace, maybe catch the Changing of the Royal Guard 
  • Uncover the finest Rococo architecture 
  • Venture inside the Kastellet, a star fortress
  • Snap pictures of the iconic Little Mermaid 
  • Buy a bite to eat at Nyhavn 
  • Explore Rosenberg Castle 
  • Learn about the Danish Parliament at Christiansborg Palace (external only)  
  • Refuel with a short coffee break 
  • Visit the national cathedral of Denmark, Church of Our Lady 
  • Visit the 17th century Roundtower 
Royal Copenhagen

You will begin your tour with a visit to Amalienborg Palace, the winter home of the Danish royal family, where you may catch the traditional pomp and ceremony of the Changing of the Royal Guard. The palace also boasts some of the most impressive Rococo architecture found anywhere in Europe.

Little Mermaid

You will then venture inside the Kastellet, a mightily imposing star fortress; built in the shape of a giant pentagon, which has successfully warded off enemy attackers for centuries. Your next stop will be the charming Little Mermaid, designed by talented sculpture Edvard Eriksen, and is one of Copenhagen’s most photographed attractions. You will then head over to Nyhavn where you will have the pleasure of experiencing a delicious traditional Danish lunch, characterised by fresh, local ingredients and simple flavours. 

From here your tour will continue its royal theme as you journey into the impressive 17th century Rosenberg Castle built by one of the most famous Scandinavian kings, Christian IV. Here you will have the chance to enter the stunning Knights’ Hall with original coronation thrones and three life-size silver lions standing guard! Rosenberg also houses an exquisite collection of Flora Danica and one of the world’s finest Venetian glass collections in the world. A short distance from Rosenborg is the stunning Christiansborg Palace, the seat of the Danish Parliament, the Prime Minister’s office and the Supreme Court. Here you will have the chance to learn more about modern Denmark, including its interesting politics and uniquely liberal society.

Stunning Views of Copenhagen

After a short coffee break you will visit the impressive Church of Our Lady, the national cathedral of Denmark, where your expert local guide will discuss the checkered past of this centre of worship in Denmark. Finishing off this fascinating tour, you will visit Copenhagen’s 17th century Round Tower.

Please note: The Observatory of Round Tower is temporarily closed until further notice, due to Covid-19 restrictions. You will have entrance access for Round Tower but not for the Observatory at the present moment. 

We built this tour because 
it ensures that travellers receive a comprehensive understanding of Copenhagen's politics, religion, and culture, whilst exploring landmark sites.


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