Frederiksborg Castle

Once a royal residence, this palatial complex now serves as the Museum of National History.

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Kronborg Castle
One of Europe's most important Renaissance castles, immortalised as Elsinore in Shakespeare's Hamlet.
A port city in eastern Denmark, home to the 15th-century Kronborg Castle which provided the setting for Shakespeare’s Hamlet.
Kronborg Castle's Banqueting Hall
Located in Kronborg Castle, this 62 metre long banqueting hall is a must-see for culture vultures.
Frederiksborg Palace Gardens
This Romantic landscape garden is just North and West of Frederiksborg Castle.
Bath House
Primarily for deer hunting, the neighbouring Bath House was used as a royal hunting lodge.
Castle Chapel
The magnificent Castle Chapel with its gilded vaulted ceilings has amazingly survived since their construction in the 1600s.

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The Copenhagen Castle Tour
In this full-day tour you will leave behind the bustling streets of Copenhagen and embark on an unforgettable journey to the historic Hillerod and Helsingor; exploring the fascinating royal history of Denmark.

  • Explore Hillerod, home to the historic Frederiksborg Palace
  • Learn about the history of Denmark in the palace's exhibition
  • Walk through the Frederiksborg Palace Gardens
  • Journey to Helsingor, home of the historical Kronborg Castle 
  • Discover some of the finest architecture, hear tales of Renaissance kings
  • Enjoy a scenic drive back to Copenhagen
Hillerod - Northern European Renaissance 

Stopping first in Hillerod, you will visit the historic Frederiksborg Palace, which now acts as Denmark’s Museum of National History. The palace, surrounded by an impressive lake and the picturesque Frederiksborg Palace Gardens, was built in the Dutch Renaissance style at the beginning of the 1600s by King Christian IV. 

The exhibition at the palace is also worth a visit, showcasing the fascinating history of Denmark and housing a considerable collection of portraits, historical paintings and modern art. 

Helsingor- Home of Hamlet

Your next stop on this royal castle tour is to Kronborg Castle in Helsingor, which is  the setting of one of William Shakespeare's most famous plays- Hamlet. One of the world’s most impressive Renaissance castles, Frederiksborg is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an absolute must for anyone interested in northern European architecture. 

Inside you will find an interactive exhibition, which tells the story of the riches brought by the Sound Dues enforced by Denmark and how the castle was used as a strategic power base by Renaissance kings. You must also pay a visit to the magnificent 62 metre long banqueting hall, which was renowned as the longest of its kind in the North. Concluding this fantastic tour of Denmark’s best castles, you will have the chance to relax on the scenic drive back to the centre of Copenhagen.

We built this tour because 
it invites travellers to journey outside the city and fully experience the wonders and histories of Copenhagen's castles.
Frederiksborg - The Fairytale Palace
You will be escaping Copenhagen’s busy city centre and taking a royal timeout at the historic Hillerød, just north of Copenhagen. Here you will explore the fairytale-like royal palace of Frederiksborg that sits majestically in the middle of the serene Castle Lake. 

  • Journey north of Copenhagen, to Hillerød
  • Explore the interiors of Frederiksborg Palace
  • Learn about the fascinating history of Denmark, and enjoy browsing historical portraits
  • Discover the surrounding area, including Castle Lake and Bath House Palace
  • Venture south, back to Copenhagen 

Northern European Renaissance 

Originally built in the 1600s, during King Christian IV’s reign, the castle was designed solely to impress visiting guests of the monarch. Although extensively rebuilt in the middle of the 19th century by Jacob Jacobsen, owner of the Carlsberg Breweries, the palace and extensive grounds are no less impressive. During this tour you will have the pleasure of exploring the richly decorated rooms, including bedchambers, dining rooms, audience halls, and portrait galleries, and the magnificent Castle Chapel with its gilded vaulted ceilings, which have amazingly survived since their construction in the 1600s. 

Denmark in a Nutshell

Not to miss is the impressive collection housed within Frederiksborg, showcasing the fascinating history of Denmark with an extensive collection of portraits, historical paintings and modern art. Your expert local guide will be more than happy to field any questions you may have about the stunning interiors and art that adorns the building. 

Fairytale Gardens

Frederiksborg is also known for its absolutely stunning gardens, designed in the English-romantic style and characterised by rolling parkland and beautiful planting. In the grounds you will also find King Frederik II's small Bath House Palace (Badstueslot) which is still used by the Danish Royal Family for wining and dining important dignitaries. The grounds also include a picturesque baroque style garden that was recreated in 1996, based on original 18th century drawings by the immensely talented landscape architect Johan C. Krieger.


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