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A picturesque island only 600 metres off Dubrovnik's coast, featuring a deserted Benedictine monastery and botanical garden.

TravelCurious Tip

The offshore swimming is very good, although the beaches are a little rocky.

Situated just 600m offshore of Dubrovnik, the small, pretty island of Lokrum makes for a relaxing getaway from the city. It’s only a short, cheap boat ride away, and offers an amazingly rich combination of history and natural beauty, without the crowds of the Old Town.

From One Island to Another

Lokrum shares a surprising connection to medieval English history. When Richard the Lionheart was returning from the crusades in 1192, he was shipwrecked on the island in a severe storm and was lucky to make it to shore alive. Seeing his survival as an act of divine intervention, he ultimately decided to fund the construction of Dubrovnik’s cathedral as an offering to God.

A Croatian Eden

However, historical references to Lokrum go back even further, and the first written mention of the island concerns the foundation of the Benedictine monastery in 1023. These monks started the tradition of cultivating exotic plants which continues to this day. You can marvel at the fruits of centuries of labour in the islands botanical garden, which features over 500 species of tree, as well as families of peacocks originally brought over from the Canary Islands.

Although the monastery has been abandoned for over 200 years, you can still explore its well-maintained, triple-naved Romanesque basilica and grab a bite to eat at the nearby restaurant. Following a well-marked path to the southern end of the island, you will find a small salt lake, nicknamed the “Dead Sea”, which is a popular swimming site.

Nearby Attractions

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Dubrovnik Cathedral
This Baroque Roman Catholic cathedral was rebuilt after the 1667 earthquake on a site of worship that dates back to the 7th century.
Walls of Dubrovnik
The imposing defensive walls of Dubrovnik guarded the freedom of a sophisticated republic for five centuries.
Rector's Palace
This secular palace is a harmonious combination of Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance architecture.
Fort St John
A key part of the city's old port defence system, this fort now hosts an Adriatic aquarium and maritime museum.
Lokrum Benedictine Monastery
An atmospheric ruin, this deserted 11th century monastery was recently featured in the HBO series Game of Thrones.
Dubrovnik Cruise Port
A port renowned for its fascinating history, crystal clear water and astounding superyachts.

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    Climb the old city walls that were attacked by the Baratheons in the first series, and then explore Lovrijenac Fortress- the beautiful 11th-century castle that features heavily in many of the Game of Thrones battle scenes. This fortress provides one of the best vantage points in Dubrovnik, with quite a few steps to climb make sure to wear comfortable shoes and take a bottle of water! The view is well worth the wait however. It’s located above the main gate into Dubrovnik’s old city which is one of the Game of Thrones filming locations!

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    You will then make your way down through the town towards the port to get to Lokrum- a former 11th century Benedictine Monastery, complete with a replica of that famous throne, on which you must sit! Lokrum is just a short 10-15 minute ferry ride away and provides a different perspective on Dubrovnik itself by being away from the busy island.from cliff jumping to gazing at the gorgeous wildlife there’s no chance you will be bored here.

    You will visit Lokrum Island, a stunning oasis close to the centre of the city, and boasting the beautiful summer residence of Archduke Maximilian and a gorgeous city park- one of the oldest arboretums in Croatia. 

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Island Hopping in Dubrovnik
Medieval Dubrovnik

Your exclusive private tour begins in Stradun, Dubrovnik's famous city square.  Boasting many beautiful old buildings, one of which is Rector’s Palace, a 14th-century Baroque masterpiece, serving not only as a residence, but also as an armory, powder magazine, watchhouse, and prison.

You will also have the pleasure of visiting Onofrio's Fountain, where you will be able to admire the magnificent Sponza Palace. Don't forget to flip a coin and make a wish! You head onwards to the Franciscan Monastery and Old Pharmacy- the third oldest in the world.

Richard the Lionheart 

After walking across the main square you will see the Baroque Cathedral of the Assumption, rebuilt in the 18th century following an earthquake. Here you will learn all about the fascinating legend of Richard the Lionheart who, whilst returning from the Crusades in 1192, was shipwrecked in a storm, and cast aground on Lokrum Island in front of Dubrovnik. 

You will also hear about the infamous medieval orphanage, communal granaries, and chequered lives of the local aristocrats. Later, you will then proceed to traverse the beautiful City Walls, a 2km stone wall that has protected the city for centuries. During your walk along the city walls, you will be able to fully appreciate the panoramic views of the city below. 

Lokrum Island

We hope you're not too tired yet, there's still more to come! You will then make your way down through the town towards the port, to get to Lokrum Island- home to a stunning 11th century Benedictine Monastery. You will visit Lokrum Island, a gorgeous oasis close to the centre of the city, boasting the beautiful summer residence of Archduke Maximilian and a gorgeous city park. Here you will have the pleasure of learning more about the 19th century Fort Royal that sits atop the peak of the island, as well as the legends that this site is famous for. 



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